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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Published On Jan 15th 2015
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Once there was a family which loved each other that always stayed together. One day they decided to go camping in a wild forest to see if anyone gets hurt how the others will care. They went into SCARY GARDEN which was a theme name and was actually like the wildest and dangerous places in Africa. They made a fire and Alexia David's sister pretended that she fell while she was walking, her mother Tina ran and her father Tylor ran too and so did her brother but she said 'Stop I didn’t fall it was a joke'. and they didn't angrily walked away they helped her up and they gave a little smile and went to the fire giving everyone7marshmallow and went into their tents and David got kidnapped and screamed, at once Alexia woke up and woke her parents and looked at the footprints, they were the biggest footprints ever seen Tina screamed BIGFOOT. Taylor went to find Bigfoot and found in the deepest place and he was surprisingly nice he let go of him and he 'I just wanted someone with me and David gave him his pet dog. They camped safely with Bigfoot!!!
The end
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Comments 3
Berha Thank u Berha
May 9th 2017
Aliza  Nice one! Aliza
May 4th 2017
Jan 23rd 2015

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