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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Frozen {part 2}
Published On Jan 14th 2015
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As soon as she reached there she noticed that there was fire nearby and she quickly ran behind a large stone crying what I should do. Anna was a little scared nut she told Han that look after Arendell while I’m gone. As she went she met a man named Kristoff and with him was a reindeer named Sven. While they were finding Elsa, Elsa made a castle of her own and had fierce snowguards to guard her by unwanted visitors but Elsa made a secret way in and out of the castle for herself and when Kristoff Anna and Sven reached the met Olaf and he knew the secret way. Anna went into her castle and told her in a song that you froze Arendell and you need to bring it back to summer. But Elsa stayed and she struck Anna in the heart but she caught her and left without a sound and Kristoff came by hearing the sound of someone falling on the ground and quickly took her to the forest ehere stone trolls lived granpabbie could not remove it but said a true love hug eould do the thing and they went back to Han and sice Han was the bad guy he also caught Elsa she was making snow somewhere deep in the forest. Elsa broke the chain by turning it ice then breaking it. Anna said Han hug me but he put out the fire in the fireplace and revealed that he was bad and ran away but then Olaf opened the door by using his stick hand and he told that Kristoff loves her and she went to Kristoff but but before she reached she saw was killing Elsa but she ran and stopped the sword but she turned ice as soon as the sword touched her middle finger and Elsa  hugged her and slowly she was melting and she was back to normal and Olaf said love will thaw and Elsa bought back summer.
The End
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Comments 21
Ayesha Great story Berha! And people you can't say berha a cheater it's her hard work! And verbs I suggest you if you like frozen you can also write a story of your own in which a girl has powers and she helps others and the witch takes them away everyone starts to hate her. Ayesha
Jul 31st 2017
yashfeen Berha frozen is my favorite too and I really like that how you summarise it. Yashfeen
Jun 8th 2017
Aiza I agree with Irza Aiza
Jun 8th 2017
Irza Awww thats so sweet. Of course I will be your best friend♥♥ Irza
May 30th 2017
Berha Thank u so much Irza!!!! I dont think I have met anybody as kind as u on vshine!!! Will u be my best friend? Berha
May 28th 2017
Irza Your not a cheater Berha. You are a very creative writer. I didn't expect people in Vshine to be this rude and disrespectful. People who are calling Berha cheaters: She liked frozen. That is the reason she decided to share it with you. Instead of saying how SHE is like,comment on how the story is. We are humans. They are meant to support each other. Please don't call Berha a cheater. Put yourself in her shoes and feel how she is feeling. BTW keep on writing great stories berha☺ Irza
May 24th 2017
Berha Plz don't write others' story cheater Berha
May 9th 2017
Berha Because wasting my time on writing my feelings doesn't actually make people to see that other people r doing it + it is my 1st story + not everyone has watched Frozen. So... Really u can hurt my feelings, I am hurt... But u guys just won't stop Berha
May 9th 2017
Berha It's ok Azka, and if anybody still wants to hurt my feelings, they can. Berha
Mar 30th 2017
azka That was from Yashfeen Iqbal.It was not from me.She accidently used my account. Azka
Mar 15th 2017
azka You know it was really cheating and everyone is right to call you cheater you should have tried to write your own story. Azka
Mar 15th 2017
Berha Mahira, I'm sorry for the comment I posted for you. It was rude but anger was boiling up inside, I hope you understand. Berha
Oct 11th 2016
Berha I'm posting this comment to everybody who is calling me a cheater: Everybody please stop calling me a cheater it was my 1st story I wrote and I really liked frozen so I thought about writing it in a story. I cried for a lot of time too coz nobody and I mean nobody ever called me a cheater before and because of you hurtful statements I left Vshine for a year. After a while I checked my vshine but as always there was written "Cheater cheater". I'm not a robot you know, you could've just written a few lines and make me understand that we write our own stories. Because when I saw the October magazine it had a story. It was cheating I noticed very clearly cause I love poems. It was tommorow nights my interview or something like that and it had good comments so I did the same. I'm sorry if I cheated. I have feelings. Would you like it if someone called you a cheater. No, right? I would like to say thank you to Zahra for writing such kind comments compared to everybody's else. Thanks everybody for understanding that I'm not a robot I'm human Berha
Jul 5th 2016
Berha Mahira did you see Legend of the crystal Blade I wrote all by myself I think I can be a writer and please don't say cheater it hurts my feelings ok? Berha
Apr 27th 2016
mahira I love frozen.but not the cheat's story Mahira
Jun 27th 2015
mahira Do you think you will be a writer? and cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mahira
Jun 9th 2015
uswa I know everthing in it Uswa
Jan 20th 2015
Habibah Please don't write stories we already know Habibah
Jan 18th 2015
Umair Is that frozen movie???i havent seen that movie.... Umair
Jan 16th 2015
Fatima Hi cheater berha It is cheating of frozen please stop copying why are you writing a story we already know Fatima
Jan 16th 2015
zahra Very nice and thoughtful story Zahra
Jan 14th 2015

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