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Saad  Aalam
Saad Aalam
A Q Khan School
The Journey
Published On Jan 14th 2015
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September 2014

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It was a happy morning, Saad was on his bed, Maryam was saying to him, “Come on wake up”.   He opened his eyes with a cute smile. Maryam and Saad were sister and brother, Saad was in 9th class and Maryam was in 10th.  Saad took his breakfast then Maryam asked him to get ready for a journey, Saad didn’t understand, Maryam told him that we are going to park but journey means we are alone; mama and baba are not coming with us. Saad said “yes, it must be a big fun then”.
After few moments Saad and Maryam went to the park, first they enjoyed very much in the park; especially the motion ride, but then they went to the Boka Jungle. In the Boka Jungle there was a story that no one comes back if he ever enters the jungle.
Saad and Maryam wanted to know the secret that why no one comes back, they were a bit scared but they went in, when they entered the Boka Jungle, there were only long trees; no one could see the sky because the trees were making a shed of leaves. They were walking slowly then in no time Saad saw a man with an axe, the man came towards them and they started to run and hid behind a tree, they didn’t know what to do.
Their parents were worried about them and they also reported to the police. Saad and Maryam thought which the way out of jungle was, and that they have to tell mama and baba, they would be worried for them. Then the man with the axe caught Saad and maryam and took them to a cave, in the cave there were many other children and the man tied Saad and Maryam with the rope and went away.
2 boys and 3 girls were also tied with rope; they told Saad that they also went on a journey and were captured in that cave, Saad told everyone that we have to work together and he said that I have a plan. The plan was that first we have to work together otherwise there is no way to get out of that black cave, and then he asked Maryam to put her hand in his pocket because they were tied close to each other, “I have a little knife” he said. Maryam did so and found a little knife; she then slowly cut Saad’s rope. Saad’s hands were free and he cut the ropes of other boys and girls.
Now they were together and thanked Saad, he was an intelligent and genius boy and said that all of us will go together because if we are separated we will be in a big trouble, after that they make a chain and were united and strong. They were out of the cave, there was no one out there then suddenly the man came back but this time he was not alone, there were two men with him. Saad and the other two boys named Ali and Ahmed started throwing stones at them, on the other hand Maryam and the other girls also started to do the same thing and at last took their axes and tied them with ropes.
All of them went out of the Boka Jungle and to their houses; Saad and Maryam’s parents were very happy but also a bit angry about going alone to the park. Then saad‘s father asked police to arrest the three men. After that everything was okay but Saad and Maryam never forgot that journey.
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Comments 11
Abdullah Nice Abdullah
Mar 11th 2015
DIYA A very nice story......... u realy deserve to win........congratulations!!! Diya
Mar 2nd 2015
DIYA A very naice story......... u realy deserve to win........congratulations!!! Diya
Mar 2nd 2015
aeman You deserve to win Aeman
Feb 26th 2015
afifah Congrats bro! :) Afifah
Feb 18th 2015
Fatima Congrats Fatima
Feb 10th 2015
mubashra Nice story saad :) and nice hero :) congratulations for winning Mubashra
Feb 9th 2015
Umair Congrats to be a winner… Umair
Feb 5th 2015
abeera Nice......congrats Abeera
Feb 4th 2015
saad Good story saad, nice effort:) Saad
Jan 26th 2015
Umair Nice and good story Umair
Jan 25th 2015

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