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Umer Irfan
Umer Irfan
Pakturk International School And Colleges
Published On Jan 14th 2015
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It was a sunny morning and I was in my room. Suddenly my mother came in and gave me a letter. I quickly opened the letter and it was written “Dracula besides the restaurant.” I didn't quite understand it but this was sure that there is a Dracula.
I quickly garbed my camera and got on my bike. I was going to take a picture of the Dracula. As i was getting near the restaurant I saw the Dracula.
I got frightened and went back to get my father’s gun .Now this time hid behind the tree and calmly prepared the camera. Suddenly I felt that someone is behind me. I turned back and saw that the Dracula was behind me. It had a knife and wag going to kill me.
I got very frightened and at the last moment i took out my gun and i started to shoot. The Dracula had 5 bullets in his head. It fell on the ground and there was a big burst. It then turned into soil. I thanked god that now i am safe and i never saw a Dracula again.
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Comments 4
Aisha Fazuuul :( Aisha
Mar 7th 2015
Umer Yes Umer
Mar 4th 2015
Shaheer Yeah good Job!!!! Shaheer
Jan 29th 2015
shehram Umer nyc story and you are from pakturk main boys?? Shehram
Jan 16th 2015

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