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Humayl Aslam
Humayl Aslam
Foundation Public School
The Thief Is Caught
Published On Jan 14th 2015
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Twenty years ago in the city of Bangkok there was a gang named “the Invisible.” In total, there were ten gang members who worked in harmony and gathered lots of money so that they could live an exquisite life, buy an impressive car and a luxurious house.
The invisibles specially targeted a billionaire named Caten. He was a genius did lots of work and earned billions of dollars. He was an accomplished football player and a professional computer engineer. Whenever the invisible robbed his house, he earned more by introducing new range of computers. Finally the invisible made a unique plan that was elaborate and deadly. They wanted to steal the notebook in which Caten developed and saved his ideas, besides the vault which contained $100 billion. The thieves mysteriously entered the house when Caten was sleeping. They chloroformed him and took away all his valuables. In the dark, the thieves didn’t notice that they chloroformed a dummy, not Caten. Caten who was already alert and prepared was hidden in a safe den at the basement of his house calling 911. The police arrived swiftly just when the thieves were taking the vault outside. They had night hawk pistols and M4A1 Carbine semi-auto machine guns. The fight was fierce but the police didn’t notice that one by one, the thieves escaped.
The police started to chase them .The pursuit was really exciting which thrilled everyone. After a long pursuit the burglars were trapped by twenty metres high containers which they couldn’t escape. They were forced to stop their car and were immediately arrested by the police. Later after a trial the invisibles served life imprisonment on the charge of multiple robberies and heinous crimes. The notebook and the vault was safely recovered and returned to Caten and the invisibles started to work on a new plan for escaping the jail.   
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Umair Goood Umair
Jan 25th 2015

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