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Fatima Tariq
Fatima Tariq
Central School System
Best Friends Sometimes Are Not True
Published On Jan 11th 2015
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Once I had a best friend named Mariam.I said Mariam Do you know that there is a new girl in the town .And she is looking for a best. Her name is Ayesha said Mariam. The next day Me and Mariam were at the park eating ice cream we saw that there was Ayesha. Would anyone of you like to be my best friend? Ayesha asked. I said I am sorry Ayesha we both are best friends. Ok than bye said Ayesha sadly. I said Mariam you can visit my home. Yes I will Mariam said. Mariam came to my home. We both went up to my room. Some knocked at the door my mother opened the door there was Ayesha. Hello I am Ayesha. She cannot enter mom I said. Ok I am going said Ayesha. The next day I went to the park I saw  that Mariam was with Ayesha. Mariam said to Ayesha that you are my best friend
To Be Continued
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Comments 9
Zainab Good Zainab
Dec 10th 2017
yashfeen Nice Yashfeen
Jul 24th 2017
Urooj And short also😀 Urooj
Jul 14th 2017
Ayesha Great. Ayesha
May 19th 2017
Berha Pace is very fast Berha
Jan 18th 2015
Aden Exiting!!!! Grammer and pace is poor Aden
Jan 15th 2015
Berha Lots of grammar mistatakes but very good Berha
Jan 14th 2015
Fatima Please Comment Fatima
Jan 13th 2015
tazmeen The idea is good but the pace is too fast...good job though Tazmeen
Jan 11th 2015

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