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Zara Iqbal
Zara Iqbal
Manners Don't Cost A Penny!
Published On Jan 11th 2015
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There once was a girl called Fatima. She was the only child of Mr and Mrs Khan. They tried to teach Fatima manners but she didn’t take any notice of them. So she is known for her bad manners and whenever she talks to someone they say to her manners don't cost a penny. So she didn't take any notice of anyone.  One shinning day Fatima got a package from her Grandma. It was big and fat in a brown package. Fatima wrinkled her nose it was probably a book. Fatima had hated books ever since she was a child the only book she liked were comic books. Fatima ripped open the package and there was a book it was a comic book called Mannerman. She rushed upstairs ignoring her mum who was asking her what she wanted for dinner and slammed close her bedroom door. She found a packet of cheese flavoured crisps and sat down on her bed and started reading. It was about a superhero called Mannerman he stopped all people who had bad manners. There was one story where there was a bad mannered girl just like Fatima.  When she was finished she was in tears she realised why Grandma had sent her the book. She ran downstairs and told her mum that she would never be bad mannered again.
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Comments 3
Berha I like the idea of the story Berha
Jan 14th 2015
Laibah Yes i agree with zara Laibah
Jan 14th 2015
Zara Asalamualaikum, There was a good morale in this story. I hope the girl keeps her promise and hope there will be another story about her. Zara
Jan 11th 2015

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