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Armeen Zahra
Armeen Zahra
Beaconhouse School System
Life As A Examination Hall
Published On Jun 11th 2011
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We all are sitting in an examination hall. Where our teacher has told us what is right and what is wrong. Now it's simply our choice that we write the wrong thing or the right one. If we write the wrong thing our marks will be deducted and if we write the right thing, we will get more marks and if we write nothing then we will get no marks. An exam is to check whether we can go to the next class or not, and to make sure that a student is clear about the things he has been taught. The students who do not follow what their teacher says get failed and those students who follow what their teacher says get passed and they start with a new class while the failed ones have to repeat a class and realize their mistakes. Same is with our lives. Our life is not forever, it's just like an examination hall. Allah has told us what is good and what is bad through The Holy Quran and Prophets. Now it is our choice whether we do good things or bad ones. If we do good things we will go to heaven but a result of doing bad things will take us to hell. Allah is testing us that whether we should go to heaven or hell and he is seeing that how much we are listening to him and following the things he has told us to do. If we do things according to how our Allah says, we will be benefited and we'll pass on to the real life which is in heaven and if we don't do things according to how our Allah says then we'll be punished and will be left in the hell to decay and realize our mistakes.
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Comments 2
armeen Thanxx Armeen
Jun 21st 2011
raiha Ahhh....nice Example! Raiha
Jun 18th 2011

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