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Ahmad  Akhtar
Ahmad Akhtar
Silver Oaks School System Gulraiz Rawalpindi
Sword Of The Lion (part 4)
Published On Jan 9th 2015
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Xeon was terrified when the sword was pointed at him and there was nothing that he could do but before Ryan tried to kill him he disappeared. Ryan was confused when this had happen. Xeon was teleported to a place far away. When Xeon opened his eyes he knew he was not on Earth. He kept thinking that was he dead or was he dreaming?
Then he saw a man wearing white clothes coming towards him. “Who are you” asked Xeon. “My name is Leo, protector of the sword of the lion” replied the man. Xeon fell on his knees and bowed towards him and asked that why he was brought to this place. King Leo told him that he was dead. Xeon’s heart struck with thunder. He didn’t know what to do but Leo told him not to be sad. He could still go back to his world if he did what he said. Xeon said that he would do anything. As soon as he said it he felt the sword of the lion near him. It was on the ground. He picked it up. It looked good as new. He was very happy to see it. Leo said to strike him with it into his heart.
Xeon said he will not do such a thing but Leo told him that if he strikes him with the sword, he will get absorbed by the sword and he could than live in the sword forever and his power will help Xeon to defeat Ryan.
Xeon did as he said. After Xeon stroke Leo disappeared and the sword started to shine brighter than any light. After some time he was transported back to the star mountain. There Ryan was sitting on a rock still confused. When he saw Xeon he stood up and without saying any word he ran towards Xeon to finish him permanently but when Xeon took out his sword he began to feel weird. He found out that the god had gifted him with an armor made from a metal that is so powerful and sharp that even if someone touches it he will get his hand cut.
Ryan wasn’t surprised and said “whether you wear a magic armor or not I will kill you”. But when he stroke with the sword of hell the armor absorbed it and transferred it to the sword of the lion. Xeon had won again. He banished Ryan to a place so far away that it will take a man’s whole life to search for him.
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Comments 2
Umair Next part please Umair
Jan 10th 2015
Umair Wonderful Umair
Jan 9th 2015

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