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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Frozen (part 1)
Published On Jan 7th 2015
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Once there was two princesses named Anna and Elsa. Elsa was special because she had ice powers. One night Anna woke up Elsa  but she wouldn't wake so Anna said wanna make a snowman. Elsa woke up at once and went to the main room of the palace and she made a snowman named Olaf. Then she made mountains of snow and Anna jumped on them one after another but then she jumped too fast when Elsa was making mountains of snow that she accidentally aimed and threw snow at Anna's head. She fell but Elsa caught her in her arms she shouted mom dad, the king and queen came very quick and opened the door and came inside and saw what happened and the king said "I know where to go" they got their horses and rode to the woods where stone trolls lived and the oldest of trolls granpabbie and he sensed strange magic and went to the king and the king said "Can you remove the magic" "Yes, but she will not remember your powers but I'll leave the fun" And they rode home. Anna's and Elsa's bed was separated and the doors were shut almost like forever , Anna couldn't look at Elsa and Elsa didn't come out of her room. When the king and queen were going out on seas for a few days but the ship sunk and who were aboard drowned including the king and queen. Anna and the people in the palace except Elsa went to the king and queen's grave and were sorry that they died. THREE YEARS LATER...Elsa had to become queen of Arendell so they opened the doors and Elsa still in her room trying not to turn anything into ice or snow. Then it was time that Elsa went out her room and become queen of Arendell. Anna wore her decent and beautiful dress and she saw the doors opening and sang songs while running to the doors that were once shut. One of the songs were like this "Why ballrooms with no balls". As Anna rushed out of the palace she met a prince and they sang another song, the prince's name was Han. Elsa came out of her room and as she holds the globe and staff they almost turned ice in front of everybody so she put it back on the pillow. Han and Anna asked Elsa for their marriage but Elsa said "No, you don't marry a man you just met". Han asked"Is there anything that I can change your mind"?"No" Elsa said. Anna sadly went away and tripped but Han caught her. Elsa accidentally threw her ice at someone so he kept shouting at her ''Monster, monster". All the people got scared and hid their children and Elsa ran away to the North Mountain...
To be continued                       
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Comments 12
Irza No prob Behra.;) Irza
Mar 25th 2017
Berha Thanks Irza. Ahsan, I know I should've so I'm sorry. I hope everybody understands Berha
Oct 11th 2016
Ahsan You cheater just copied it. Try to write stories of your own. Ahsan
Sep 3rd 2016
Irza Very nice.i have read all the comments and they are very hurtful and mean.I didnt expect this kind of behaviour,ESPECIALLY on Vshine.It was a good idea to post your message telling people about your feelings.We may have watched/read this story but it doesnt mean we cant go around telling everybody they are cheaters.Btw well written and presented.Goood luck for ur next stories! Irza
Aug 7th 2016
Berha I'm posting this comment to everybody who is calling me a cheater: Everybody please stop calling me a cheater it was my 1st story I wrote and I really liked frozen so I thought about writing it in a story. I cried for a lot of time too coz nobody and I mean nobody ever called me a cheater before and because of you hurtful statements I left Vshine for a year. After a while I checked my vshine but as always there was written "Cheater cheater". I'm not a robot you know, you could've just written a few lines and make me understand that we write our own stories. Because when I saw the October magazine it had a story. It was cheating I noticed very clearly cause I love poems. It was tommorow nights my interview or something like that and it had good comments so I did the same. I'm sorry if I cheated. I have feelings. Would you like it if someone called you a cheater. No, right? I would like to say thank you to Sarah and Menahil for writing such kind comments compared to everybody's else. And again thanks Maryam. Thanks everybody for understanding that I'm not a robot I'm human. Berha
Jul 2nd 2016
Berha Menahil I did change the story in the next part Berha
Apr 9th 2016
mahira Cheater cheater Mahira
Jun 9th 2015
Umair Is that copied??? Umair
Jan 25th 2015
Menahil Good effort, but u culd improve the vocabulary n grammar. & i thnk u shuld write ur own story instead of writtin sumthin v already know, but hey if ur gonna change the story in the nxt parts, it wuld b really gr8. Menahil
Jan 11th 2015
Sarah Why are you writing a story we all already know? You shouldn't copy. Think of your own ideas and people will appreciate you and your work. Sarah
Jan 9th 2015
maryam Nicely written Maryam
Jan 8th 2015
Fatima This is cheating of the movie frozen.You are a cheater. Fatima
Jan 8th 2015

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