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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
Lahore Grammar School
Scary Night
Published On Feb 2nd 2011
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Yesterday, I ate dinner & went to bed. I focused on sleeping. But, I couldn't sleep. Then, I heard some voices. Next minute, those voices were finished. But, one voice which was the strangest one was left. I thought it could be a barking dog. I told this to my sister lying next bed. She said: I can't sleep too. Let's do some fun. I was surprised to see my sister saying for having fun. I said: Let's go & see who's out there. She said: Boo!!! So scary out there & I can't go with out mommy. I said: You're not a human. Are you mad that it's scary out there? Let's wake Irtaza Bhai.  She was now agreed. So, we went to Irtaza Bhai's room. I told him the whole story. He said: Booooo!!! I'm so scared. I was so mad on him so I said: Bhai! I know what happened to you. You are just & just MAD! I said: let's wake Wafa. He was agree with me now. So, we went to wafa's room & told her the story. She said: Izza! Are you mad that you want to go outside in the dark night? You can go by your self but I'm not going with you! I was tired. So, I said: Wafay! Your name should be Tuff! You think there's a ghost out there. Are you MAD! Let's wake Mom & Dad. They all were agree with me now. We went to the last bedroom. We woke mom & dad. They were worried to see all of us. Dad said: What happened kids! Mom was having a good sleep so she woke with red eyes. She said: you all of here. We told them the story. They first laughed & said: what a scary night you kids are having. Then, my sister's & brother blamed on me. Zernab said:  she woke me up!. Irtaza Bhai said: I was going to sleep. Izza! Izza! she woke us up!. Dad was surprised so he said: Izza will sleep with us! Now, they all were scared of sleeping alone. So, they tried to cry. Dad said: You all can sleep over here. Zernab & Wafa were not agree! They both went to their rooms. While Bhai Irtaza had to go too! I slept there. I then heard no voice. I also thanked my brother & sister's for helping me.
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Comments 3
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Izza Hello! the story I wrote is true!. I happy to see it published!. By the way.... Shaza Khalid has offered me to send stories. I will but, first tell me the name of MAGAZINE!. Izza
Mar 16th 2010

good izza!!! it's good that you wrote a story about something happened in your the way we can be friends......aap mujhay upni stories batao aur mujhay iss email adress pay bhayjo:- main aik magazine aditor hoon aur main aap ki stories apnay magazine may publish kuroon gi!!!!

Mar 14th 2010

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