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M.ayain Fida Rana
M.ayain Fida Rana
Becon House School System
Lazy Boy
Published On Jan 6th 2015
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Jack was twelve years old, who always remains lazy . He had two brothers were very active and intelligent while the elder one was very dumb and lazy. one day Milo and tock asked jack , do you want to go with us on an adventure jack replied, it’s a wastage of time . Milo and tock went to the forest for adventure.
Milo saw a button lying beside the tree. When he pressed it , a paper fell from the sky. when they both opened it they saw a map told them the way to the cave . they followed the route and when they reached the cave they saw a pieces of robot . tock and Milo started to make it . after three hours they made robot . they were too tired that they slept . when they woke up they heard the voices of drones falling from the sky . they both went in the robot.
they saw many buttons and controllers but they both did not know how to start it. tock pressed a button which started robot ,only they wanted to control it and target anything . Milo was controlling the robot and Milo targeted the fighter jets.
when there was no fighter jet on the sky . They went back on the land. a very huge creature appeared on the ground  . Tock captured the creatures pictures and entered into computer. The computer told them that the weak point of the creature is his left hand . Milo tried to target on the hand but it was missed. the robot was damaged and only two targets were left . Milo’s first target was left and the last one straight away targeted to his left hand and the creature disappeared. Then they went out of the robot they captured their pictures with it. The scientists told that the aliens were attacking on Earth , but Milo and tock gave them the proof and they both became famous at , last jack realized , he might also go with them .
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Umair Gud Umair
Jan 9th 2015

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