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Sadia Malik
Sadia Malik
Just Do It
Published On Jan 6th 2015
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`Oh no! Here we go again' i though as I saw the group of bullies coming towards me. As usual Sam the leader came forward and said “Here is Mama's boy, aww Jimmy",
People say that you should stand up for what’s right. The thing that you should know about me is that i am not one of those people because (a) I don't have any friends who would support me (b) I don't have the nerve to stand up and (c) I have a rule which is to shut up in situations like these because whenever I try to open my mouth something bad happens like it did today.
“My name is Jim and I am not little! I am in seventh grade now"
Giggles, laughter, hi-fives. And then Sam the big guy punched me. And the next thing I remember is that I was lying down and my nose was bleeding, this is why school is a torment for me. I am one of those guys who try to be strong since I am a fan of Batman, but right now I can't handle it, it hurts so bad. Oh no that’s not a tear. I don't cry. Oh, that’s just a river flowing through my eyes, Not a big deal. And i started crying. Then I got up and started walking towards my home
When my mom saw me her face turned white and she took me to the doctor.
I just kept thinking about batman, that how does he handle it. I wanted to be like him.
Next day I didn't go to school. I was lying in the bed watching TV. I am feeling a lot better now. And I am still thinking about batman.
It’s pretty hard to walk into my room without thinking about him because I have posters and action figures all over the place. People call me a little kid for that but they just don't get how cool batman is.
Anyway, I was watching a TV show which seemed boring so I changed the channel and there was news reporter, this is what he said
“A prisoner ran from jail yesterday. He used to kidnap children and ask for ransom. The police is still looking for him. If you have any kind of information let us know. This is the picture of him........"
The guy was blonde. He seemed pretty tall and he had a weird look in his eyes.
‘My chance to be Batman'. A stupid thought came into my mind. I jumped out of my bed and packed my bag with everything that was near me including a mirror. Because you never know what you might need. I took my bicycle and went to explore.
After an hour and a half of disappointment, I murmured to myself ' forget it, it was just a stupid thought. I can't do it'
I was near the school's playground when I saw some muddy footprints. I started to follow them. After a while they started fading. The only thing near was a big tree with a tree house on the top. I thought of leaving but then my sixth sense told me that something was wrong. so, i waited.
Then I heard a voice "aaaaalllph" which I figured was a call for help. It came from the tree house.
I decided to go up there to check what was happening. When I reached up I peered inside and couldn't believe what I saw.
Sam the bully was tied by duct tape on the other end of the tree house. A blonde tall guy was snoring and he had a bottle of wine in his hand. The guy who was sleeping was the exact guy I was looking for. I froze, Then an idea popped into my head, I walked to the other end of the tree house where Sam was tied near the window.
I leaned inside and started cutting the tape.
I told Sam to go out and call the police. I would have done it before but (a) i wasn't sure of what was happening inside and (b) I am not allowed to have a cell phone.
Once i made sure that he called the police. I jumped inside and took the super glue out of my bag. I glued the bottom of the bottle to the wall and the top to the prisoner's hand.
I glued his boots to the floor. Now that I did what was necessary so that it wouldn't have been easy for him to escape, I started doing funny things. I drew on his face with marker, cut his hairs and used the dying hair spray.
I placed the mirror right in front of him in such a way that whenever he opens his eyes the first thing that he would see would be his own damn self.
I tried to imagine what he would feel like and then i started laughing so hard that the guy woke up, his eyes were on the mirror and he screamed.
Just to have a little more fun I sprinkled some chilli powder on his eyes, He screamed more than i imagined he would.
He asked me with those red eyes "WHO ARE YOU?" And I replied ' Batman was a little busy so he sent me, I'm Jim'.
He tried so hard to get up but he couldn't.
I heard the sirens of the police car and smiled. ‘The cops are here' I said.
They came up with their pistols. ‘Surrender, you have been surrounded'. And were surprised to see what happened. They told me to go down and I did.
After about 10 minutes I saw the no longer-Blonde dude in handcuffs coming down with cops on both sides. He walked towards me and said ' I will get you Kid!' And I replied calmly 'You don't get batman, batman gets you' and I giggled. Same punched the guy and shouted 'Don't call him a kid'. And I guess that’s a good sign. He came towards me and said ' thank you. I still can't believe. How, how did you?' And I smiled' don’t mention it. I for the first time wasn't afraid of being who i always wanted to '.
And he hugged me.
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Comments 3
jasmine Impressive;) Jasmine
Jan 11th 2015
Shaheer Yaaa!!! Shaheer
Jan 10th 2015
Sarah Good. Except that there are a few errors. Other than that its gr8. Sarah
Jan 10th 2015

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