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Mubashra Ayub
Mubashra Ayub
National Model Higher Secondary School Sheikhupura
My Greatest Fear
Published On Jan 6th 2015
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When I was a young child, I hated to do bathing. It was because the bucket and tub full of water causes a queer feeling inside me and i would get horrified. it seemed to me as i was drowning in a sea. The sound of splashing water also frightened me. That's why in all my life I have never ridden on a boat. I also didn't like rain because it too made me afraid.
But now my mind is changed and I am young. Daily we read a lot of benefits of water for it is very important for our body as well. After understanding this. I finally realize the importance of water. If we do not take bath daily we will suffer from different diseases. And now nor the water neither it’s splashing causes terror in me. I also now like rain because whenever it is raining the weather becomes so beautiful.
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Comments 33
Zainab Nice 1. Zainab
Feb 3rd 2018
Zainab Nice 1. Zainab
Feb 3rd 2018
Urooj Really nice😁 Urooj
Jul 21st 2017
Nimra Thankyou so much it means alott! :') Nimra
Jan 10th 2017
mubashra Congratulations girl! Well done. And Happy Birthday in advance :) wishing you good luck for the year ahead. Mubashra
Nov 19th 2016
Nimra Heyaa! got 80% in 1 monthly. Mid terms starting from 13th dec. Coming tuesday 22nd nov is my birthday do remember bro :'D but sad life, its my paper on my birthday. :/ Nimra
Nov 18th 2016
Nimra Done with 1st monthly. Result on coming sat 22nd oct. :o Well thankyou and best of luck too you too for your school life! :D Nimra
Oct 16th 2016
mubashra Best of luck for 9th! Mubashra
Sep 15th 2016
Nimra I'm all fine Allahumdulilah. Jaundice over 1 month ago. Done with Finals too and got the result even. Allahumdulilah O levels and now promoted to 9. Nimra
Jun 5th 2016
mubashra Nimra how r u now? I was busy in exams and now new class 10.... a little bit more tough so don't get time to open vshine. Mubashra
May 21st 2016
Nimra Where are you lost? Although I know we in this busy schedule don't have much time to talk with each other. Anyways so how's everything? What's going these days? Anything new? :'D I don't have anything new except that I was having High fever, Vomits and Jaundice from last 2 to 3 weeks. Allahumdulilah recovered now. :') FINALS on head -.- 1st paper is on 3rd may and last on 13th. This time idk ( I don't know) how my papers are ending so early anyways good thing it is. :D Will wait for your reply if got time to open vshine again :p Byee. With loads of lovee :* Nimra
Apr 26th 2016
Nimra I miss you Mubashra. :) Nimra
Apr 7th 2016
Fatima That's good you realized soon, Great! Fatima
Nov 18th 2015
MARYAM Gud one!! so very true!! its neither a story nor an article but a mixture of them both!! Maryam
Aug 6th 2015
Nimra Oh that's great dear.! :) oh thankyou for sharing your stuff with me. :') Nimra
May 26th 2015
mubashra #CricketComesHome......... Congratulations to all Cricket loverzzzzz (and me also)......... :-) Mubashra
May 22nd 2015
mubashra Thank God you're back Nimra.......... You know my two poems are published in the mag and I am also the My Page winner of this month...... I just wanted to share all this with u but u were not there but now WELCOME BACK :) Mubashra
May 9th 2015
Nimra Umm.. so as you asked me to check your new story.. i have read it and i liked it. keep up the good work my dear.! :D it was a good try :) and yeahh i have also replied you back on your story ''Yhe prince and the eagle'' ;) Nimra
May 9th 2015
mubashra Thanks ayesha and amna :) Mubashra
Apr 19th 2015
ayesha Mubashra your poem "books are friends" is in vshine magazine 2015 april congrats well done!!! keep it up!!.. Ayesha
Apr 16th 2015
ayesha Mubashra your poem "books are friends" is in vshine magazine 2015 april congrats well done!!! keep it up!!.. Ayesha
Apr 16th 2015
Ayesha Congratz!!!!!!!!! Ayesha
Apr 15th 2015
mubashra Yes.....100 friends....... I have made a century :) thanks to all my friends who support me throughout my 2 years of v shine :) Mubashra
Apr 1st 2015
mubashra Ayesha actually my exams are going to start so i i am not watching each match but i have updates of each match............Well i watch every match of my team :) Mubashra
Feb 23rd 2015
Ayesha So true about weather Ayesha
Feb 20th 2015
Ayesha Mubahra r u gona watch word cup full every match or just Pakistan matches how r you Ayesha
Feb 20th 2015
mubashra Best of luck my team Pakistan for mission World cup :) Mubashra
Feb 19th 2015
mubashra Today my school friends are going to visit my profile.....hope they will like my stuff :) feeling too much excited ;) :) :p =D Mubashra
Feb 10th 2015
mubashra Sara as my opinion it should be a story but as u said it should be in the article,i respect it. Next time i will try Mubashra
Jan 18th 2015
mubashra Thank you so much fatima and sara your praises gave me stremgth to do better next time thank you Mubashra
Jan 10th 2015
Sarah This is not a story. It's more like an article. It should have been in articles section. Sarah
Jan 10th 2015
sara naeem Great your story is very nice love it Sara Naeem
Jan 9th 2015
Fatima Very true.Your story The Prince and the Eagle was a great story.keep it up Great story. Fatima
Jan 8th 2015

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