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Shaheer Salah
Shaheer Salah
Lahore School Of Learning
Scarlet House Terror's (part 6)
Published On Jan 6th 2015
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Everything was still. Jack and Louis couldn't believe that there "detective" business will have a bad ending. After a while they heard Alfred, he told them that there is nothing to be scared of and that there is a soft mattress down there and he had broken nothing. The others were relieved. He also told them that this looked like a secret hideout. At hearing this Louis was excited and was going to jump down when he thought of something and ran outside. The others followed and Alfred was alone. He called for them but got no answer. He got scared. In this time they returned. Louis had a rope slung with him and he tied it with a nail on the wooden walls of the shed. Then he threw the other end of the rope down the hole. He had told Alfred to back off. Then he jumped down the hole and he was there on the mattress. Peter and Jack followed him. Mary was scared so she climbed down the rope.
Louis told them to search for something mysterious. Peter found a switch and after pressing it a bulb was turned on. This helped them finding some cans of foods, ropes, maps and torches. Louis took the maps and after studying them for a while he exclaimed.  He told the others that it was a blue print of the banks. When the others asked him how he knew that it was a blue print he told them that his father was an architect and he had seen things like this in his father's study. Then Peter saw some red markings on some spots on the print. There were dates and on one map it was written 30/11/2014 and the date today was 29/11/2014 that meant tomorrow!  Jack said that ghosts could not write this so they had to cancel that plan out of their mind. Mary told them her idea. She said that this could be a hideout for some robbers and suppose they wanted to rob that bank. At that moment a creak was heard and some footsteps were heard by the children and two shadows swung down the rope and grabbed Mary!
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Umair Nice Umair
Jan 25th 2015
Fatima Great Fatima
Jan 13th 2015

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