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Munkashay Hyuuga
Munkashay Hyuuga
Army Public School And Colleges :')
Shumaim And Munkashay In Naruto World (part 6)
Published On Dec 31st 2015
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So as the girls had passed the First Part of Chuunin Exams, the Second Part came.
"I will open the gates at three!" Anko announced. "One..."
"Sc-sc-scary," Gura murmured.
"It's okay," Noor said to herself, ready to dash.
"THREE!" The gates flew open and the Genin Teams entered the Forest of Death. It wasn't an ordinary forest. Large tigers, gigantic leeches and bandits lived in this area. Precisely the reason Yuri, being an Aburame, was excited.
"No problems yet!" Munkashay yelled happily. Perhaps she spoke too fast, because-
"LEECHES!!" Haruto screeched, dodging a HUGE slimy leech falling from a tree. Munkashay did some hand signs and took out a pot full of salt, smirking. She rotated in the air, threw the salt and yelled, "Wind Style: Tornado Mouth!" and blew air. Immediately the salt fell on the leeches, making them shrink disgustingly. Haruto, Yuukimaru and Munkashay high fived and jump-dashed ahead.
On the other hand, Maryam was having a bit.....DIFFICULTY defeating the bandits.
"WATER STLE: WATER W-W-HA-HA-HALL (Water Style: Water Wall)!!"
A big wall of water shooted towards the older ninja, making them fall.
"Awesome, Maryam-chan!" Niashi yelled. "Let's go, now!"
Noor was a Sensory-Type and she was sensing the tower in the middle of the forest.
"A team is close," she whispered.
"What?" asked her team-mates.
"A TEAM IS CLOSE! HURRY!" she yelled, fastening her pace. But oh well.
"RAAAAARR!" A tiger jumped in front of Team Tokuma.
"Damn," Yuri murmured. The tiger was huge, and it had very big fangs. And eyes blazing with fire.
''Pesky kids,'' it said. It spoke!
"What?!" Noor gaped in shock.
''Why do I have to hit you? Go.'' The tiger got out of the way, rolling its eyes.
"Wh-what the--"
"Haii! Thanks!" the kids jump up and dashed off. The tiger looked at them.
Meanwhile, Team Yamato had reached the tower. Well, almost.
"Yahooooooooo!" Shumaim yelled enthusiastically as she touched the Tower's top.
"Too late," Maryam smirked at her. Team Kushina reached too, and after a while-
"WE ARE GONNA PASS THIS ONE TOO!" Team Tokuma's yell came.
They had passed the Second Part as well.
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Comments 10
Maryam Long ago i wanted to become army doctor but now just heart surgeon... well i guess too much time has passed since last update of story... don't u think that tooooo.... so what you do on quotev??? i am reading Percy Jackson story these days... Maryam
May 3rd 2015
Munkashay Haha, why? Munkashay
Mar 6th 2015
Maryam I always wish to be in APSACS :) Maryam
Feb 25th 2015
Munkashay Yeah. I'm an APSACS-IAN :') Munkashay
Feb 23rd 2015
Maryam I just realize you study in Army public school :) :o Maryam
Jan 21st 2015
Maryam Welcome!! I understand :o :p oh and BTW I forgot 'is' sorry for error :) :d hmm TO ERR IS HUMAN. correct me if I am wrong... I think that's it... Maryam
Jan 13th 2015
Munkashay Thanks for understanding! Munkashay
Jan 7th 2015
Maryam Np. Life too busy!! I know :o :p Maryam
Jan 3rd 2015
Munkashay Thanks! Sorry for late update- If you can call it an update. -_- Munkashay
Jan 2nd 2015
Maryam I like it yes I did like it. :) ^.^ Maryam
Jan 1st 2015

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