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Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima
The City School
Nd (part 3)
Published On Dec 31st 2015
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The next day the Hokage called Kakashi, Gai and Kurenai.
"You called us Lady Hokage..." Kakashi said.
"Yes, I want you all to meet guys can come in now." Tsunade said.
Just then 3 girls, about the same age as the Konoha 11, came in. They all were genins.
"These girls moved in Konoha a few days ago. No Jonin was available at the moment so I assined them with you guys, one each." She said.
"Hai!" the Jonins said.
-Training Grounds-
Kakashi, Gai and Kurenai were standing while the girls were sitting on the soft grass. There was an awkward silence amongst them.
"So let’s start with introducing yourselves." Kakashi said.
" Okay, So who are you?" said the girl with silver hair.
"I'm Kakashi Hatake and I'm assigned to train you...What's your name?" Kakashi asked.
"...Noor Fatima...." The silver haired girl said.
"Munkashey....." Said the girl with black hair.
"SHHHUUUMAIMMM!!!!" said the girl with blonde hair.
"Woah she's she's assigned to Gai." Kakashi thought while chuckling.
Then after introducing, all the teams went their separate ways. Kakashi with Noor, Shumaim with Gai and Kurenai with Munkashay.
Kakashi took Noor to meet her new teammates.Sasuke was back after he recovered for the last mission.
"Guys, I want you to meet you're new teammate. Noor Fatima." Kakashi said.
"Hey, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'm gonna surpass all the Hokages! Believe it!" Naruto said.
"Hi, I'm Sakura Haruno. Nice to meet you."
"....Sasuke Uchiha."
"Noor Fatima..." Said Noor with her eyes closed.
"Hey, have we ever met before?" Sakura asked.
"I doubt that." Noor said.
"WAIT A MINUTE!! YOU'RE THE GIRL FROM YESTERDAY!!. We crashed yesterday!!." Naruto said.
".........Now that you've mentioned it I do remember bumping into a knucklehead. Was it you?" Noor asked
"HEY! Who do you think you're calling a knucklehead?!?!" Naruto said with a anime vein on his head.
"So it WAS you after all." Noor said sarcastically.
"Hmph, another pest in my way..." Sasuke said.
"Well, you’re MORE than that." Noor said.
"Picking a fight, huh?" Sasuke said with anger
"You bet I do." Noor said with a smirk on her face.
"Hey now you're going to far Noor-chan" Sakura said.
"Well, at least I'm not a konoichi who only thinks about love."
"Hey now lets not fight shall we?" Kakashi said with a sweatdrop.
"HMPH!" all the genins said with their arms crossed while Kakashi was standing there and a anime sweatdrop appearing over his head.
"I hope Gai and Kurenai are okay..." Kakashi thought.
-Somewhere around Konoha-
“So let’s introduce ourselves now,shall we? I’m Kurenai your sensei.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Hinata....Hyuuga Hinata.” Hinata said with a smile
“Aburame Shino”
“Inuzuka Kiba! That’s the name!”
After introducing each other there was an awkward silence among them. Kurenai tried to burn the silence up by starting a conversation....which didn’t turned out as she expected..
”So, which village are you from Munkashay?”
“What’s your special skill?”
“You don’t hate bugs do you?”
Munkashay stood their in silence while everyone was staring at eachother. Kiba whispered to Hinata to talk to her, even with Hinata’s kind nature she didn’t spoke a word. Then everyone turned towards Kurenai and stared at her. She had no choice but to ease the awkwardness.
“Ummm....Okay let’s go celebrate for Munkashay’s joining.” Kurenai said with a sweatdrop.
-Hokage Monument-
“Hello my youthful students! I’m going to introduce you a new youthful member!” Gai said
“Yo! I’m Shumaim and I usually use Taijutsu ‘cus I LOOVVVEEE it!”
“Rock Lee at your service!”
“Hey, Tenten here!”
“Neji Hyuuga”
(Well that’s it for now! And Gomen for late update! ^.^’’)
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Comments 14
Phoenix Nice story:) Phoenix
Apr 3rd 2017
Aliza  Plz accept my request Aliza
Nov 18th 2015
noor Sorry People I wasn't on for like a long time! 9 months....Okay, probably REALLY long! :P I'm really busy with studies!! (Currently in O'levels 2nd year) So yeah things been really tough! Noor
Sep 20th 2015
Shumaim Oi, when is the next part coming? I know I've been dead for like so long, forgive me. But please update soon! Shumaim
Aug 10th 2015
 яυмαιsα Noor-chan, its an amazing fanfiction!*-* Its so sugooiiii яυмαιsα
Feb 19th 2015
Shaheer Cuz he died? Thats why? BTW I hate R.L Stine . Franklin Dixon is better. Shaheer
Feb 17th 2015
Maryam Thanks to you, I just realized how stupid my 'about me' is.... Why I have written ' You can send me a friend request (girls) and I will always accept it because I love to make new friends.'??? It now it feels like I am begging the reader to send me a request.... :o 8-)) AND my fav writer is not R.L.Stine anymore... =/ :D Maryam
Jan 13th 2015
noor Will do, Mun-chan! ^^ Btw, if some of you guys are on Facebook you can add me! :D Thanks everyone! Noor
Jan 4th 2015
Ayesha Good story Ayesha
Jan 3rd 2015
Maryam Thank you!! I am fine too :) :o Maryam
Jan 3rd 2015
Maryam Thank you!! I am fine too :) :o Maryam
Jan 3rd 2015
Munkashay AWESOME! BTW, why am I quiet? O.O Hey, in the next update, can you turn my hair into red? Pweeease? BTW I LOVED IT!! YAAY! ^~^ Munkashay
Jan 2nd 2015
noor Heyy! I'm good, Alhamdulliah. What about you?? No need to be so formal :P I will don't worry and Thanks! :) Noor
Jan 2nd 2015
Maryam Hello!! How are you?? I like your story.. (SO FORMAL) I sent u friend request plz accept it. :o)) Maryam
Jan 1st 2015

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