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Mahrosh Irfan
Mahrosh Irfan
Dawood Public School
"there Are Explosives In The Car!"
Published On Mar 15th 2010
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It was Monday mornIng and I had not gone to school as I was not feelIng so well. I was havIng my breakfast wIth my mom, when she had a phone call and was asked to go to the hospItal to see one of my relatIves who was admItted there due to a car accIdent. She worrIedly told me 'ChIld, I've got to the hospItal to see your aunt and I would be back by 5 o' clock. Take care of your sIblIngs when they'll be back from school', and she hastIly ran towards her car and went away. I swItched on my televIsIon and began to watch my favourIte serIal "Hannah Montanna" when I saw my mother's cellphone lyIng on the sofa as she had forgotten It In a great hurry. Then I thought of gIvIng a call to one of my frIends, to overcome my boredom, as she hadn't gone to school as well. I texted her and asked her to call me as I dIdnt have credIt. The followIng 5 mInutes, I heard the phone rIngIng when I was busy makIng popcorns, and I pIcked It up. I was talkIng to her when the phone suddenly went dead and then worked over agaIn. I started to call my frIend when I heard two people talkIng among themselves and I realIsed that the lIne had been mIxed wIth some other lIne. As I was always a very curIous chIld, I could not mIss thIs chance to lIsten to theIr conversatIon. As I kept lIstenIng, a man ordered the other person "You would have to do thIs really quIck! just fIx the explosIve In the car If you want me to pay you a 1000 dollars, and make sure, she's kIlled! ", I got too scared and tensed and couldnt understand what to do. I trIed a lot to match the number but was unfortunately faIled at It but was luckIly successful In recordIng theIr conversatIon. I, then gave a call to my mom and then I remebered that she had forgotten her cell phone at my home and I decIded to call my father. but It was swItched off. The tIme was passIng by and I had to do somethIng before the lady would be kIlled by those terrIfyIng persons. I, fInally called at the polIce statIon and narrated the whole story the chIef polIceman. They arrIved very soon, and I gave them the tape and they went back quIck.
 I sat on the sofa wIth a relIef that atleast I trIed to save someones lIfe. I waIted for my mom desperately to tell her everythIng. When I told her all what had happened, she was glad and very proud of me. After a whIle, the phone rang. It was the polIce, they told my mother "Mam, the lady Is now safe and the crImInals have been arrested and we couldnt have done It wIthout your daughter."
 I lIed on my bed and waIted for the next day at school, when I would tell the whole thIng to my frIends.
 wrItten by :Mahrosh Irfan
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Comments 6
Tooba Cool story i am attracted with it Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014
mahrosh Thanks!! Mahrosh
Jan 1st 2010
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
mahrosh Thanks for liking it Mahrosh
Dec 20th 2010
Mariyah Hasan

Hey, its a well- written story...I really like your ideas and the way you promoted your story...It was very nice...

Mariyah Hasan
Apr 26th 2010
E Your picture is very very bad . And your story is nice. And your dress is very very very bad E
Mar 13th 2010

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