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Jawwad Mateen
Jawwad Mateen
The Educators
Bad Conductor
Published On Jun 6th 2011
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A conductor kicks old man out of bus, Police sent conductor to jail and gave him shock but he had no effect. Why? Because he was a Bad Conductor
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Comments 8
Laibah Good try Laibah
Jun 9th 2013
Fatima Boring Fatima
Jul 27th 2011
Aisha Wow it is good Aisha
Jul 9th 2011
Urooj But i get obaids joke that is more funny than upper one joke reallly!!!!!! Urooj
Jun 18th 2011
obaid Why did he say bad conductor can't he say a insulator Obaid
Jun 16th 2011
Saniya Conductor means something that conducts electricity. A bad conductor is a good insulator i.e. it does not let electricity in. Get it? Saniya
Jun 12th 2011
obaid Me too Obaid
Jun 12th 2011
Menahil I didn't get this joke Menahil
Jun 11th 2011

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