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Zahra Sohail
Zahra Sohail
Usman Public School
A Friend In Need
Published On Jun 6th 2011
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One day, on a bright summer morning, I was going to the shop at the end of the road to buy some groceries. As I was humming happily due to the wonderful weather, I suddenly saw the person I despised the most, Farah.
She was my eldest aunt’s youngest daughter. I had never liked her She was so bossy and such a braggart. I didn’t even try to look at her.
Soon I reached the grocery shop. I picked the things I required and gave the shopkeeper the money. As the shop-keeper was returning my change, I looked around me. I was horrified by what I saw next. A black saloon suddenly loomed up out of nowhere and a man inside grabbed Farah. Then the car door closed and the car sped away. For a moment I was thunderstruck. Kidnapping in broad daylight??!!!
The shop-keeper was calling my name to return my change. I quickly pocketed it and then rubbed my hands in glee. “Ah! Serves that wretch right!” I thought as I headed back home.
On my way, I happened to glance at a poster stuck on to the smeared wall of a vacant house. It read,
Always help each other, so that if by chance you are in need of any kind of help, others would be sure to help you.”
After reading this message, all the way home, my guilty conscience was telling me that I should have done something about the kidnapping, not only because she was my cousin but also because she was a person in need of my help.
By the time I reached home, I had made up my mind. I quickly found my parents and told them the whole story. As soon as my father heard it, he rung the police and told them the whole story, including the license number of the car which I had happened to look at and remember.
After that, we waited anxiously for some good news. Suddenly our door bell rang. I ran to open the door and when I opened it, I saw my cousin standing beside the Inspector. I hugged Farah tightly. She also hugged me back. The police inspector appreciated my quick observation, memory and reaction. He told us that they had tracked down gang on a country road and that they were now on their way to prison. We thanked Allah and Farah and I apologized to each other for our mean and inexcusable behavior and vowed never to have bad feelings for each other again. After that, we were firm friends forever!
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Comments 6
Zahra Thank you very very very much. I'm honoured! =D And the credit really goes to my wonderful teachers who taught me to write like this. Zahra
Jun 21st 2011
Zahra Thank you very very very much. I'm honoured! =D Zahra
Jun 21st 2011
Abdur-Rahman Really good Abdur-rahman
Jun 13th 2011
Momina Cousins are very cool! My cousins are mostly older than me but are very nice and caring towards me and my other cousins! In fact I'm with my cousins right now! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
faizan It is really a nice story. Especially, it highlights our attention to help other sincerely. Faizan
Jun 8th 2011
armeen Nyc story!!! Armeen
Jun 8th 2011

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