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Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed
Tabanis College
Mysterious Life Part 2
Published On Dec 31st 2015
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Part 2 Heading 1: Eyre's Departure
Jullian was recovering day by day.Most of the time Eyre stayed at her house but he noticed that Jullian missed her mom too much.He never asked her that where her mom was because he thought that her mom that after her birth.
(Jullian and Eyre in the play room)
Jullian and Eyre was playing with expensive and different toys when Eyre saw a large wooden box.He was going to open it but Jullian forbade her to do so.She told him that the box was one of her mother's belongings.Then at last he asked about her mom that where her mom was.She was going to tell him about her mother but a servant came in and told Eyre that his father called him.He said farewell to Jullian and left the room.
After one day Jullian felt more lonely after reading the letter that Eyre had sent.It said that his Aunt Menhy was not feeling well so he and his father will stay with her in her village.They will look after her and take care of her gardens so it will take several days to return back.
Part 2 Heading 2:Sudden Preparations.
Three days went by but Eyre didn't return so she decided to paint in her drawings.When she was painting a picture,Miss Sefny (servant)came in and told her to get ready.She also gave her so many instructions about the dress and shoes.Then Miss Clara came and made her hairs,half rolled up and half hanging down her back.She saw herself in the mirror and smiled shyly because she knew that she was looking outstanding but still she was wondering about the sudden preparations.
Then at last Miss Mollen came and took her to the guest room.This time Jullian was shocked to see saw many guests having a party at her house.Everyone started admiring her on her beauty and her white glowing gown just then her father called her.
Part 2 Heading 3:A new person
She was shocked to see her father with a women hand in hand. Who was she? Why was she wearing her wedding gown? Why was she at her house? So many questions were coming to her mind and her father replied all those questions just by saying a single sentence.
He said, " Oh Jullian meet your new mom".
Jullian was still as a statue staring at her father and the new lady.
"Her name is Rebella Holsont, isn't that a beautiful name? He inquired.
"From now on you will call her mom, do you understand? He again inquired
"Jullian isn't she beautiful? He was asking different questions from her but she replied to none.
She ran back to her room and fell on her bed. She covered her face into her hands. Sound of sobbing could be heard easily. The last thought that came to her father was that how cruel her father was and then she fall asleep with wet eyes and all that stuff that she was wearing.
To be continued. Read next part later
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Comments 9
khadija Thnk u for encouraging me! ;) Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
Aiman Keep on writing Khadija :) Aiman
Mar 15th 2015
khadija I have sent next part Subhana and Raveeha Khadija
Feb 21st 2015
khadija Subahana I will send the next time%u2026 i m just busy in preparing for exams Khadija
Feb 21st 2015
Feb 11th 2015
khadija Thanks Raveeha ...I will send the next part soon :) Khadija
Jan 4th 2015
raveeha U r a brilliant writer n i luv ur story plzzzzzzzzz post the next part real soon Raveeha
Jan 4th 2015
khadija Thnks umair ;) Khadija
Jan 1st 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Dec 31st 2015

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