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Munkashay Hyuuga
Munkashay Hyuuga
Army Public School And Colleges :')
Shumaim And Munkashay In Naruto World (part 6)
Published On Dec 31st 2015
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So since the girls passed Phase One, they entered Phase Two: Entering the Forest of Death.
"Now kids!" Anko announced. "Reaching the middle IS NOT easy! The forest has bandits, giant leeches, tigers! So put that idea 'I'll win' right out of your ninja minds!"
"Yeah yeah, like giant leeches exist," Munkashay heard a girl say.
So then Anko opened the gates and the teams entered.
"This is scary," Niashi said. Maryam felt the same way; but she won't let them know. On the other hand, Noor's team winded and went here and there through the Jungle. Noor had activated her Chakra-Sensing Jutsu but no Chakras were in sight.
"This is boring,"
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Comments 21
Gul Noor Munkashay, its me, noor. I logged into vshine after 2 years just to get in touch with u. couldn't find u on facebook, so... please reply if u read this Gul Noor
Jun 30th 2016
Aliza  Seriously i dont get it i had send you a request and i duuno what you did seriously if you dont want me as friend you can say it.:p Aliza
Jan 31st 2016
Aliza  Plz add me Aliza
Nov 18th 2015
Munkashay He's the main character, duh -.- Munkashay
Mar 6th 2015
Shaheer Oh so how come NaRuTo in ur story? Shaheer
Feb 25th 2015
Munkashay *Manga YES WE ARE FANGIRLS!!!!! Plus I hate Naruto Uzumaki :)) But yeah. I'll send the next part when exams are over. Munkashay
Feb 23rd 2015
Shaheer But I still dont suppose you like Dragon Ball Z and I am not sure of NaRuTo UzMaKi. You like animes or just Naruto comics?? Shaheer
Feb 17th 2015
subhana Just send the next part.I LOVE THIS STORY Subhana
Jan 31st 2015
abeera Toooooooooooooo.......much... Abeera
Jan 27th 2015
Umair Looks like u like anime too much Umair
Jan 25th 2015
abeera Loving your story so far. looking forward reading more of it. FANGIRL!!!LOL Abeera
Jan 24th 2015
Shaheer U r adventurous girls? Whateverr but still HARD to believe. Shaheer
Jan 9th 2015
Munkashay Nope, girly girls are fancy, WE are...something else. Thanks, though, you and Ayesha! Munkashay
Jan 7th 2015
Shaheer Yeah I guess so. But ...... Shaheer
Jan 6th 2015
Shaheer Lol but its like ruthless nd grls r supposed to be fancy I think. Lol nvrmind. Ur will do as u like but still I am surprised Shaheer
Jan 6th 2015
noor "P.S" means Post Scriptum. Well, it basically means that if you forgot something to write you can just add "P.S" and write it down! And Shaheer there are FANGIRLS who love anime and manga more than FANBOYS i.e. Me,Mun-chan,Shu-chan,Maryam,Rumaisa!(sorry if i forgot to name some one ^^") Noor
Jan 4th 2015
Ayesha Munkashay what is meant bu "P.S" . but your story is wonderful reply soon . Ayesha
Jan 3rd 2015
Munkashay But well, there are more fanGIRLS in the world than fanBOYS. But still. Munkashay
Jan 1st 2015
Munkashay Haha Shaheer, thanks you both, P.S., THIS PART WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO COME!!! Munkashay
Jan 1st 2015
Umair Nice Umair
Dec 31st 2015
Shaheer Good job. But I never expected girls to like dragon ball Z ajd naruto. You see it seems ODD. But its your life so carry on writing nd ill carry on reading :D. Shaheer
Dec 31st 2015

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