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Irhum Shizuka
Irhum Shizuka
Army Public School And College
School Life
Published On Nov 27th 2014
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School life
most of irritating moments ..... School alarm
most dreadful journeys......way to class
most lovely time.....meeting friends
most wonderful news.......teachers absent
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Comments 58
Zainab This one is copied but I love this joke:) Zainab
Feb 9th 2018
Irza Very true Irza
May 9th 2017
Afrah Nice one Afrah
Oct 20th 2016
Zainab Really true . Almost in tears cause I shifted away from my frndz Zainab
Jul 20th 2016
Berha 100% true! :):):) Berha
Jun 6th 2016
Areeba REALLY. Areeba
May 11th 2016
Maida Haha it's 100% true a heart-touching.............:) Maida
Mar 20th 2016
Wania Nyc Wania
Dec 13th 2015
Sajal 100% Copied!! Sajal
Oct 25th 2015
irhum Yes ...but why? Irhum
May 23rd 2015
irhum Thanks @bint waseem Irhum
May 20th 2015
Ghania Youcopythisfrominternet...right? Ghania
May 16th 2015
Bint waseem Nysh 1 Bint Waseem
Apr 21st 2015
irhum So what should i do' @aamnah Irhum
Apr 7th 2015
Aamnah Heard it a thousand times now its boring Aamnah
Feb 28th 2015
irhum I dont think sooo%uD83D%uDE09%uD83D%uDE18%u263A%uFE0F%uD83D%uDE0A%uD83D%uDE00 Irhum
Feb 6th 2015
kashaf Really!!!!i dont think aina miss me, does she??? Kashaf
Feb 5th 2015
irhum Yeah you are right *) :);) whole class miss you tooooooo Irhum
Feb 5th 2015
kashaf Aww!i knew it!i know u miss me.and how could u forget me because it has been a long time to our friendship!!! Kashaf
Feb 4th 2015
Bismah Good one!! Bismah
Feb 3rd 2015
irhum Hello,whenever we do something interesting i remenber you Irhum
Feb 1st 2015
kashaf Hi irhum how are u my dearest friend,missing u alot Kashaf
Jan 30th 2015
irhum Yah,you are right amna i love my school life and which class are you studing Irhum
Jan 17th 2015
irhum I also dont forgot this time.i tell you something that aina was completely change without you and why you dont call me kashaf Irhum
Jan 17th 2015
Ayesha But we will miss our school life Ayesha
Jan 16th 2015
Ayesha Your right Ayesha
Jan 16th 2015
kashaf Yah!but I cant forget the time spend with u!keep smiling Kashaf
Jan 16th 2015
irhum Thanks berha Irhum
Jan 15th 2015
irhum I also missing you kashaf 😿 are you happy there Irhum
Jan 15th 2015
kashaf Irhum I am missing u here in bahawalpur and plz do tell everyone that I miss them Kashaf
Jan 15th 2015
Berha Very very very very excellent gave me a very long laugh Berha
Jan 15th 2015
Shaheer Its the CARLYLE group business Shaheer
Jan 9th 2015
irhum I posted many jokes but none of them posted Irhum
Jan 8th 2015
Maha Share some new jokes but still great work Maha
Jan 7th 2015
irhum Yes i am proud😔😔 Irhum
Jan 6th 2015
mubashra Irhum you should be proud that you are a part of apsac peshawar attack was an attack on us so we should be united to face these heartless animals Mubashra
Jan 6th 2015
uswa Yes it is true Uswa
Jan 5th 2015
aeman So true Aeman
Jan 2nd 2015
Shaheer They were not humans. They were assasians of humanity. BTW they want us to be scared nd stay in our homes. Especially they hate girls in schools nd this culd be bcyz of malala getting the award. We shouldnt be scared of them or they will be successful in their plans. The talibans r a trick of israels nd americans. There is nothng as taliban. Its a plotting against Pakistan Shaheer
Dec 31st 2015
Dec 31st 2015
irhum I also cried alott becuz i also study in army school Irhum
Dec 28th 2014
rameen I started to cry when i heard about the children Rameen
Dec 28th 2014
Bushra Truely true Bushra
Dec 20th 2014
irhum You all know abot peshawar attack Irhum
Dec 18th 2014
irhum I dont know Irhum
Dec 15th 2014
rameen Head Start school system in karachi Rameen
Dec 14th 2014
irhum Uff.....she can't talk with us Irhum
Dec 13th 2014
Munkashay * Joke Hahaha, LOL, you seem so confident, Irhum! Remember the Ma'am Sana Drama? •.• Munkashay
Dec 11th 2014
irhum Hello,no my father is in PIA which scholl are u studing Irhum
Dec 9th 2014
rameen Hi.By the way is your father in army or any relative?..........???????????? Ihave visited Dara ismail khan cause my mamo had aposting there,he is in he is in the way I love school life acept exams. today i attemped a exam firt time in my was very hard Rameen
Dec 9th 2014
irhum Are ku kashaf bushara Irhum
Dec 8th 2014
irhum Dayko lo bas meray jock%uD83D%uDE19%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE04%uD83D%uDC38%uD83C%uDF85%uD83D%uDC7B%uD83D%uDDFD Irhum
Dec 7th 2014
kashaf Totally true Kashaf
Dec 6th 2014
Mubashra Kya jock ha>;) Mubashra
Dec 5th 2014
Munkashay Wah wah! Munkashay
Dec 4th 2014
irhum Because catagarise are those so... Irhum
Dec 1st 2014
Tooba Really true but why have u posted on jokes column Tooba
Nov 30th 2014
Laibah True! Laibah
Nov 28th 2014

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