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Ahmad  Akhtar
Ahmad Akhtar
Silver Oaks School System Gulraiz Rawalpindi
Sword Of The Lion (part 3)
Published On Dec 31st 2015
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After xeon became king everyone was happy until the day a stranger came into the great hall of Xeon. he bowed towards xeon in a very unpleasant way. xeon asked why had he came there. the stranger told him that he had a letter for him. he gave the letter to xeon. xeon read it privately. on it was written " meet me in the cave where our fight began. ryan".
xeon quickly went to his immortal grandfather. he showed him the letter. The grandfather only told him this that Ryan wants to take revenge and that it’s his choice if he wants to go to star mountain. xeon had a lot of pressure on his mind. he decided to go. he got ready and took the sword of the lion with him. he wished from it to take him to the star mountain. in a second he was on the star mountain. he went inside the cave. there waiting for him sat ryan. " why did you asked me to come here" xeon asked." for revenge and to take over your kingdom"said ryan." that will never happen" said xeon drawing out his sword. " oh really " said ryan laughing. he drew out his sword. xeon was surprised. "where did you get that?" asked xeon. "well it is a gift" replied ryan. "a gift from who" asked xeon surprisingly. "no one special. just the devil" replied ryan laughing. xeon thought he was joking and without saying any other word he wished the sword to erase him permanently but it didn’t work. xeon was terrified because the sword's shine was going away.
ryan laughed and laughed and laughed. He told xeon that his sword was nothing in front of him. xeon was terrified and knew that his end was near him
To be continued!
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shehram Fast man Shehram
Dec 31st 2015

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