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Faizan Majeed
Faizan Majeed
Public School Hyderabad
A Desperate Boy
Published On Jun 2nd 2011
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Ahmed was a boy of fifteen years old. While he was on his way to School, he unwillingly and unintentionally saw a piece of pink paper that was blowing in the wind which appealed to his eyes because of its prominent colour. Besides, something important was written on it. Therefore, he moved forward to pick it up. It said that,

Dear Mama,
                        You know mom that how much I love you but where have you gone? Do you know? I feel so lonely that I cannot express my feelings. No doubt, there are papa and new mom but they do not care about me. Whenever I try to talk to papa, he does not respond to me. On the other hand, new mom always keeps busy in her daily chores even though she does not reply to my Salam. I am so desperate and helpless that you cannot imagine. You would be sorry to listen that I burned my hand yesterday but nobody cares for it. And the pain was so severe that I wept the whole night. I wish you were here at that moment. Moreover, I always pray to God hoping that He would send you back but nothing happened. Therefore, I am sending this letter on your favourite colour paper directly through the God’s wind feeling that if you cannot come, I will come at your address. I am patiently waiting for your answer mom.
                                                                                        Yours loving son,
                                                                                         Shahzad Rashid.
            On reading it, tears started streaming down Ahmed’s face. He sat dumbfounded on the footpath as he was trying to figure out the situation. Fortunately, he knew Shahzad who was ten years old child and lived at the corner of their houses’ row. Also, the mother of him Mrs. Rashid died six months ago. With new hopes in his eyes, he stood and decided to take a step on his own.
            Without delaying a moment, Ahmed went to Mr. Rashid’s home and knocked at the door. He was more astonished to listen to the voice of Shahzad at the back of the door asking whether there was a postman or someone else. While Ahmed told his name and inquired him about his father. Gloomily, he went inside and sent his father. When Mr. Rashid came outside, Ahmed courageously described all the condition of his son and showed him the letter as well. After reading it, tears started rolling down from his eyes. Obviously, he was not as bad father as compared to others. Immediately, he realized his severe mistake and he thanked Ahmed appreciatively. Furthermore, he assured me that he would see Shahzad as happy as he was in his mother’s time.
Finally, he came back to his home. The next day, Shahzad came at his home to thank him with his mom and father. Ahmed could not believe his eyes first but ultimately, he was so delighted that he has won an invincible war by bringing together a broken family.

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Comments 11
Muhammad Good moral lesson. Muhammad
Jun 21st 2011
Zahra The moral's nice. We should also try to do wat v can 4 other ppl. Zahra
Jun 21st 2011
magisha Sorry nice i m elephant Magisha
Jun 16th 2011
Jun 16th 2011
magisha Boring Magisha
Jun 12th 2011
Momina Cool! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Momina Cool! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Aisha A touching story. Aisha
Jun 5th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!!! Bint Waseem
Jun 4th 2011
Aleena Ohhhhhh really nyc.i like it:) Aleena
Jun 3rd 2011
Ashna Nice story Ashna
Jun 3rd 2011

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