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Armeen Zahra
Armeen Zahra
Beaconhouse School System
Published On Jun 2nd 2011
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Saleem was a very intelligent boy. Although Saleem's close friend Amjad was good in studies too but he was very proud of him being rich and always told other friends about his money. He said that he had twenty servants. Amjad lived in a very big house and he comes in a very big white car every day.
Once Amjad got absent for many days. No one knew where he was or what had happened to him so Saleem and other friends decided to go to his place and to know if he was alright. One friend said, "we don't know where Amjad lives, how will we go to his house?". Saleem said," I know where Amjad lives because one day he showed me his house from far away but let me recall the way." Saleem kept a finger on his mouth and thought deeply. Then after some while, he said, "I know where he lives, but not exactly. The very next day, all friends gathered at Saleem's house and then the went to Amjad's house. Finding the way, asking other people, all the friends reached at Amjad's house. Over there they got shocked when they saw "Nadeem Ahmed" written on the door as Amjad told that his father's name is Asad. Saleem moved ahead and rang the bell to ask for details. There came a servant Asim. One of Saleem's friend asked the servant for Amjad, and that they are his school friends. After this whatever the boys heard made them stand still for a minute or two with a shocked silence. The servant took them to Amjad's room. There sat Amjad on the corner. He stood up and  said, "Now if you have known that I am not rich at all, just a driver's son and this house does not belongs  to me, its Nadeem uncle's house and I live in just a small servant quarter room then let me clarify you one thing. "But why did you lie to us?" said Saleem curiously. Amjad started to talk slowly as if thinking for each word. "I told my reality to my friends in my previous school and because of this no one even talked to me so I decided not to tell anything to any of you and so you people became my good friends. "I am sorry!!" It's OK" said Saleem with a little smile on his face and then the other friends as well. After this no one even let Amjad feel about his truth and reality and all the friends lived with each other happily.

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Comments 6
Asma I have read this story in urdu in risala(magazine) "nonihal". This story is dubbed in english. Just a cheated one. Asma
Aug 3rd 2015
Marwa Nice ! Good Try ! Marwa
Aug 11th 2013
raiha A really nyc story!! Raiha
Jun 18th 2011
armeen Yaa...thanxx Armeen
Jun 12th 2011
Momina This truly is a nice story! It teach's us to never lie! Momina
Jun 9th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Jun 4th 2011

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