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Praayashi Praayashi
Praayashi Praayashi
Loreto Convent
Once I Was Lost On An Island
Published On Oct 19th 2014
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For a long time I believed that nothing could be more beautiful than living on an island. I could run on the beaches, make sand castles, bask in the sun or sit under a parasol or the shade of probably a coconut tree. So, my joy knew no bounds when I and my mom joined her marine biologist friend in her trip to an island. Her work required her to collect some algae samples as well as she wanted to study the migration pattern of the whales. So, we went to the ‘Red Coral’ island in the ‘Blue Ocean’. The island was uninhabited.
On realizing that I was very keen on observing the natural and scenic beauty, my mom and her friend left me to watch and sailed towards the ocean in a small boat. They had planned to return back in an hour. I sat down watching the vast expanse of the blue ocean. It stretched far away to the horizon where the white clouds bloomed. There were silvery fishes with flippers and they leaped in and out of the sea. I enjoyed every bit of what Mother Nature had bestowed upon our earth. A breeze rustled through the big Poinciana trees and its red petals fluttered loose. The sun was about to set but mom was nowhere in sight.
My excitement was slowly giving way to nervousness. I ate snacks and my supply of drinking water was also about to be over. As night fell, I felt too tired. I lied down on my back and gazed through the star studded sky. I tried to point out the constellations, Andromeda, Lyra, Orion and the most graceful of all the Cassiopeia. I looked at the moon and prayed for mom to return back to me. I was longing for her embrace. I wished she could put me to sleep. I was missing the calm and cozy comfort of my home. After sometime I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes, the sun was rising. Mom and her friend weren’t back yet. I started walking along the shore. There were giant sea pumpkins growing all along. I also saw some strange creatures like Glowing Octopuses. Some plump and shiny dolphins were also playing in the sea. It appeared as if they were speaking in the language of squeaks and whistles.
I was hungry and thirsty. So, I ate coconut flesh (copra) and drank coconut water. I had read a book on knots, so was familiar with a few knots like fishermen bend, spider’s hitch etc. I used coconut husks and leaves and made a swing with the help of these knots.
As I was swinging, I saw a motorboat racing towards the island.  To my utterly pleasant surprise, onboard were my Dad and his Commando colleagues. I could not resist crying as I jumped into my Daddy’s arms. He informed me that my mom and her friend had lost navigation and were rescued by his team. We flew back home. I was relieved and extremely happy. I was in my mom’s lap again after being stranded and staying all alone on an island for a whole night and two days.
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Comments 7
Berha Nice! but not so nice Berha
May 28th 2017
Umair Awsum Umair
Jan 25th 2015
jasmine Nice Story! Jasmine
Dec 29th 2015
ali Woo Ali
Dec 20th 2014
Khadija Great! But not so great. Khadija
Dec 18th 2014
rabab You are a great writer Rabab
Nov 6th 2014
ALVINA Wowwwwww I also love islands Alvina
Oct 23rd 2014

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