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Munkashay Hyuuga
Munkashay Hyuuga
Army Public School And Colleges :')
Shumaim And Munkashay In Naruto World (part 5)
Published On Oct 13th 2014
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"Man, that was totally amazing."
Noor said these lines while the 5 walked in Tea Street. It was Rumaisa, Noor and Maryam's second and Shumaim and Munkashay's third week at Konoha. Noor was put in Team Shizuno.
Team Shizuno: Shizuno Sarutobi, Noor Fatima, Niashi Kato, and Kaminari.
Maryam was put in Team Tokuma.
Team Tokuma: Tokuma Hyuuga, Maryam Aamir, Yuri Aburame, and Gura Yuki.
So the 5 had trainings with their teams, trained really well and tomorrow was their Chuunin Exam First Stage. They entered the Ichiraku Ramen. Teuchi smiled widely while making ramen as the girls took their seats.
"Five bowls of special ramen with chicken chunks instead of pork chops, Teuchi-san!" Noor announced.
"Man, I'm scared," Rumaisa shivered.
"Don't worry. It's easy to pass," Itachi said.
"And anyway, you said you know the rules," Yagura continued. Rumaisa pouted. But she didn't say,
On the other hand, Munkashay's team chatted while taking seats.
"This thing will be easy. I am not afraid!" Haruto announced.
"Nor me, Haruto-kun!" Munkashay said, smiling.
Shumaim and Noor's team was okay, and so was Maryam's, but Maryam still hesitated. It was her first time, anyway. Everyone was nervous. So when all the children were seated, Iruka, who was their instructor, began,
"This Exam has 3 basic rules. One, if one student is caught cheating, all his/her team is eliminated.Two, if anyone speaks, all team's points goes. Three, each team has 10 points at the start. Each loses one by one for mistakes. When the points get to 0, the team--GOES."
"Now then. I'll give out your papers," he continued and started giving papers. Rumaisa, Noor, Shumaim and Munkashay gaped at it; it was completely different from the Anime one. Maryam tensed because of the confusedness. But still, when Iruka said, "Begin," they started.
"Here goes nothing," Rumaisa whispered, as she saw a inspector smirk. One kid was caught. She shifted slightly and began to copy the next kid's Japanese. It was Hanabi.
Maryam on the other hand copied Japanese perfectly. She didn't know how, but it was pretty good. The one she copied from was...Yagura.
Shumaim's hands trembled as she copied. But she didn't know who she was copying from. Munkashay cheated from and intelligent-looking girl, whilr Noor cheated from Niashi. None of them got caught.
(P.S., I made-up names for you two's teams, and I am really busy nowadays, exams starting so I won't be able to give more chapters for a while. Okay?)
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Comments 32
Munkashay Yeah :3 Munkashay
Feb 23rd 2015
Maryam AMEEN we will see them burn in hell!!!! I use quotev but I don't have account on it.... I will ask my Abu :o :p I love to play quizzes on it... Maryam
Jan 13th 2015
Munkashay Thanks you both! Sorry, I didn't remember, Maryam... ^_^' And BTW, happy birthday Noor! Yes, the 16th December thing WAS hard on all of us. MAY THOSE TALEBAAN BURN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL! >:'( Oh, can you both PLEASE join Quotev? Munkashay
Jan 2nd 2015
Maryam Np!!! I read the next part it was awesome but I thought I was in Team tokuma. ANY WAY *water wall* I love it. Ohhh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) =) ^_^ Maryam
Jan 1st 2015
noor Happy New Year! Sorry I've been gone for a long time. ^.^" Exams! I hate them. Oh, and about the 16 December thing....that made me really sad. D': & my Birthday was also up on 17 so this whole month has been tough for me! Btw, the 6th part is love Mun-chan! <3 Noor
Jan 1st 2015
Munkashay HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! Munkashay
Jan 1st 2015
Munkashay I sent the 6th part though. Sent it on the last day of 2014, December 31. I WILL MISS THIS YEAR!! Munkashay
Dec 31st 2015
abeera I agree with u :( Abeera
Dec 31st 2015
Munkashay I really can't believe 2014 ended so quickly. I mean, this year was fantastic. Except when 16th December.....arrived. Munkashay
Dec 30th 2015
Munkashay I'm sorry, our Dad doesn't allow laptops or computers for us so I can't send more chapters- I'm really really sorry, guys! But I'll still try for you all! *smiles sincerely* Again, sorry! Munkashay
Dec 25th 2014
Maryam I am waiting for months.. :(( 2 months and 12 days precisely ( i just counted from calender) ;) =) How are you?/?/?/? Maryam
Dec 25th 2014
Munkashay ^.^ Munkashay
Dec 10th 2014
irhum No promlem my friend%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE04 Irhum
Dec 5th 2014
Munkashay Aww, thanks Iru! Munkashay
Dec 4th 2014
irhum Good Irhum
Nov 23rd 2014
irhum Love it ^^ Irhum
Nov 19th 2014
Munkashay Hahaha! Well, take a look around, others are also cheating! XD I'll send the next part too now! Munkashay
Nov 17th 2014
Maryam I know what the rule is but we are so bad 'still cheating'. I don't know when we stop cheating???? MAYBE NEVER :)) (evil grin) one more thing this is my fav of all parts. Maryam
Nov 8th 2014
Munkashay Whoops, sorry, I have NO idea HOW my comment got posted twice! Sorry! Munkashay
Nov 6th 2014
Munkashay Well, yeah, that's the rule, see. Cheat but don't get caught. Like stealth ninja, escaping the watcher's eye. Munkashay
Nov 5th 2014
Munkashay Well, yeah, Maryam, the rule is: Cheat, but don't get caught. That's our skills, if we escape the watching person's eye, we're good. BTW, you can watch Naruto Shippuden at Crunchyroll. ( Season 1-17 I dunno where to watch Naruto Part 1 but you can try dailymotion if you like. Munkashay
Nov 3rd 2014
abeera Seriously isha?????? Abeera
Oct 31st 2014
Amna Yeah girl. Amna
Oct 31st 2014
Maryam While reading I thought we would know Japanese magically. but we cheat other's paper :)) it seemed more realistic.... 1Q| where you watch naruto???? Maryam
Oct 30th 2014
Munkashay Really, Isha? Noor-chan, it's my pleasure! Oh, and by the way, Rihab, ITACHI IS NOT DEAD BECAUSE THIS IS MY STORY!! Didn't you see? Minato and Kushina are also alive, and Yagura is a made-up character, not the Mizukage!! So stop saying they are dead because this is not Masashi's Naruto! Munkashay
Oct 28th 2014
Rihab Itachi and yagura are dead:{ Rihab
Oct 26th 2014
noor Kawaiii *-* I like it! Mun-chan I love you! P.S I hate exams! -.- Noor
Oct 25th 2014
noor Kawaiii *-* I like it! Mun-chan I love you! P.S I hate exams! -.- Noor
Oct 25th 2014
Amna Anime lovers!finally dui you've got some one to share your interests!! Amna
Oct 25th 2014
Munkashay I heard Death Note, Dua....thanks Muhammad and you! Munkashay
Oct 20th 2014
Muhammad Good.I like it. Muhammad
Oct 18th 2014
abeera Your story is really interesting and fun. i would also love to go to an anime world. it can be arcana famiglia or maybe diabolik lovers. death note is maybe a bit dangerous. u heard these names before??? Abeera
Oct 13th 2014

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