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Fizza Rizvi
Fizza Rizvi
Habib Girls School
Mollie's Magical Garden
Published On Oct 19th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Mollie. She lived with her parents in a beautiful house. One day when she went into her garden she was shocked! The butterfly, the leaf, the flower and the sun could talk but there was one problem only one leaf, one butterfly and one flower could talk. The rest of them were silent.  She was very happy.  She jumped and played and talked with the small living and talking things. The butterfly said “Sun please cool down you’re too hot”, then leaf said “No sun then how will I make food for the plant?” The flower then said ”Keep quiet you too! I’m trying to sleep!”, then sun said “How can I do two things at the same time?” They started fighting. Watching them fight, Mollie said “Stop fighting!”, so loudly that everyone stopped fighting. “Why are you fighting” she asked. Everybody started to talk at the same time. “I cannot hear any of you. One at a time! ” She said angrily. The sun began to tell the story.  As sun finished Mollie said ”Sun half of the time you can stay hot so that the leaf would make food and leaf you can store that food  and sun half of the time you can stay cool so the butterfly can enjoy”. The sun did exactly what she said and they had no fight ever again.
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Comments 7
Aiza Sun cannot be cool Aiza
Dec 3rd 2016
Fizza Thankyou so much hadia and umair :) Fizza
Sep 3rd 2016
Hadia* MASHA ALLAH a good try Hadia*
Aug 6th 2016
Umair Good Umair
Jan 25th 2015
ali Ok Ali
Dec 20th 2014
Maikham How can the sun be cool? Maikham
Dec 18th 2014
Fatima keep on trying Fatima
Nov 26th 2014

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