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Shabbar Ali Asif
Shabbar Ali Asif
St. Pauls English High School
Quiz Questions
Published On Oct 19th 2014
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1:How Many Countries Does The World Have?
2:Who Is The Richest Person In The World?
ans:Bill Gates
3:Which Is The Biggest Country In The World?
4:Pakistan Is a Member Of Which Association?
5:Which Is The Biggest Jungle In The World?
6:Which Is The Smallest Country In The World?
7:Who discovered America?
ans:Christopher Columbus
8:Who Invented the First Computer?
ans:Charles Babbage
9:Who discovered Cell?
ans:Robert Hooke
10:Who Were The First Two Humans On Earth?
15:Who invented Light Bulb?
ans:Thomas Edison
17:How Are Cells measured?
18:Which Was The First Generation Of Computer?
19:Which Is The Biggest Star In The Solar System?
20:Who Was The Most Popular Poet Of England?
ans:William Shakespeare
22:Football Playing Countries are Member of Which Association?
23:In Which Galaxy Is The Earth Located?
ans:Milky Way Galaxy
24:Which Is The Biggest space company Of The World?
26:Which Is The Most Popular Search Engine?
28:Which Is The World's Most Common And International Language?
32:What Does Wifi Stands For?
ans:Wreless Fidelity
35:Which Is The Animal That Provides Beef?
36:Which Is The Animal That Provides Wool?
37:Which City Is Famous For Eiffel Tower?
38:Which Is The Place For Old Things?
39:Which Is Another Word For Two Weeks?
ans:Fort Night
41:What Does The Association SAARC Stands For?
ans:[South] [Asian] [Association] [For] [Regional] [Cooperation]
43:Who Discovered An Atom And In Which Year?
ans:John Dalton Discovered An Atom In 1808
44:In The Order Of Planets Which One Is Earth?
45:Why Do Not Other Planets Have Life On Them?
ans:Because Of The Absence Of Water And Oxygen
47:Which Language is Spoken In Iran?
59:Which Is The World's Largest Power Station?
ans:Three Gorges Dam
63:What Does Operating System Means?
ans:The low-level software that supports a computer's basic functions
68:What Is The Local Currency Of Japan?
69:What Is The Capital Of Argentina?
ans:Buenos Aires
73:In Technology What Does WAN Stand For?
74:What Does M.I.D.A.S Stand For?
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Comments 12
Berha Actually the most common language of the world is Chinese not English cause English is on third number but I appreciate your efforts so well done Berha
Jun 6th 2016
mohammad aashir Good Mohammad Aashir
Feb 26th 2015
wesam Some answers are in correct but i appreciate you good keep it up! Wesam
Dec 31st 2015
Noreen Very good! very informative! keep it up ! Noreen
Dec 30th 2015
Bassam Good Bassam
Dec 25th 2014
Scorpion Nice 1 Scorpion
Dec 20th 2014
Scorpion It's awesome.. Scorpion
Dec 19th 2014
Affan Carlos Slim is the richest in the world Bill Gates is 2nd Affan
Nov 8th 2014
Rida Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its amazing just as khan but less than khan and more than nawaz Rida
Nov 7th 2014
Rabab Good i really appreciate Rabab
Oct 31st 2014
andleeb Its good but may be less Andleeb
Oct 28th 2014
Umer So bored Umer
Oct 26th 2014

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