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Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed
Saqib Public School
Mysterious Life
Published On Oct 19th 2014
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Heading 1: Unbearable
Part 1: Moments
It was unbearable for her. Tears were rolling down from her eyes, she was shouting but no one was listening to her.
“Please Dad! Dad! Stop! She is my mom! You can’t make her leave this house! How can you do this! ”, She was begging to her father.
“Go into your room Julian! Your mom is not staying here anymore! Understand?”Her father ordered her rudely.
Julian could not say anything more .She never saw her father in saw so much anger .She was so much frightened, her tears stopped in her eyes from fear. Then she saw Mr.Leanwood (one of the best servant of her father, Mr.Ellwas) pushing out her mother from the house. Her mother looked sadly at her. Her face was too covered with tears. Julian could not bear anymore. She rushed to her mother but as she was about to reach her mother, Mr.Sparl (another best servant of her father) grabbed her from behind on the orders of Mr.Ellwas. He was holding her too tight that two tears fall down from her eyes from pain and the second instant her mother, Mrs.Ellwas, was gone! She forgot everything and started to stare on the closed door. Everyone left her alone in the big great lounge so that she cools her mind but it was their wrong thought. There were no more noise of anything anymore in the lounge; everything seemed to be crying without maybe it was her illusion. She was badly broken from inside. Her mother was gone how could she bear it? She sat on the sofa. She was helpless because she was only of 7 years and could not understand everything. The little girl could not keep her balance anymore and fall on the sofa unconsciously.
Part 1:
Heading 2: Brief introduction
On the greenest area of London, England, there stood a white, big, great bungalow with shining artwork of marble. Four big cars were standing in the garage, guards were sitting alert as always. A young man of 41with a young face opened the gate and went somewhere in a car. He was Mr. Ellwas, the owner of a large property, business and money. Some of his friends called him Mr. Millionaire.
Julian was the only daughter of her parents. She was 7 years old. Her golden, long, silky hairs looked so pretty on her face. Her skin was as white as snow with two dark blue eyes with grey texture. Her lips were as pink as rose. She was so thin and was as lovely as a diamond. She was so beautiful and kind hearted that anyone who saw her, began to like her. To be gentle and friendly was her habit. She had every good ability and manners.
Her mother, Lady Bensithle Ellwas was also beautiful but not as beautiful as her daughter was. She loved her husband very much. Julian was also beloved by her parents and she was the only child of them. But something really strange happened, Mr.Ellwas asked his wife to leave the house. Julian could not understood this all because she was too young but this was a big grief for her.
 Part 1:
Heading 3: A new person
The day when Mrs. Ellwas went, a great fever caught Julian because of sadness and sorrow. Mr.Ellwas went into her room. She was lying like a dead person. Her face was covered with tears. Miss Nefty told him that she did not eat anything from morning. He knew how to compete this task. He said that her mom was greedy, cruel, bad and bad tempered. He told a lie that her mom was very bad to satisfy her that her absence makes no importance. Julian could not believe it but she acted like that she had understood nicely. Again day by day Julian got weaker that doctor said her life was in danger. Mr.Ellwas was now worried, he quickly thought a solution. The next day he brought the son of Mr.Anton (who was newly shifted in the neighboring house). The son of Mr.Anton was also the age of Julian but sharper than her. He was gentle, friendly, kind, and beautiful and every good manner was in him.
When he entered in Julian’s room, she was astonished to see him. A boy of her age with curly brown hairs and grey eyes, he had fair complexion and a lovely smile on his face, he was looking so beautiful and handsome even he was only a little boy.
“Hi, my name is Eyre Anton, Son of Anton Cark, your neighbour. I just came to visit you because of your ill health. How are you feeling now?” said Eyre. There was something in his voice that Julian thought to response back.
“I am Julian. I hope father told you about me” said Julian.  A tear fall down from her eyes. He was puzzled that why a girl of her age was so much crying that her health was ill now but he didn’t showed his expressions. He talked her about different things. Julian was also enjoying his company. Soon they both began to like each other very much and became best friends in an hour. Then Eyre went away but he promised to visit her daily. Eyre fulfilled his promised and visited her throughout her illness. She soon began to recover very quickly. Julian thought that Eyre is the only person she should trust and was right, and on other hand Eyre promised himself not to break her trust anytime. Mr.Ellwas was now satisfied that Julian was recovering quickly.
(Later something strange happened but to know what happen you will have to read)
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Comments 17
Rihab Jeez,i was only telling u Rihab
Jun 23rd 2015
khadija There was some network problem thats why my comment posted three times Khadija
Mar 16th 2015
khadija Thank u aimen Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
khadija Thank u aimen Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
khadija Thank u aimen Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
khadija Thank u aimen! ;) Khadija
Mar 15th 2015
Aiman Good story ;) Aiman
Mar 15th 2015
khadija Well take that julian as a GIRL!! Khadija
Dec 25th 2014
Rihab Julian is a boys name actually Rihab
Dec 24th 2014
khadija Thank u A! Khadija
Dec 22nd 2014
ali Exellento Ali
Dec 20th 2014
khadija I have submitted next part.As soon as it publish you can read it. Khadija
Dec 14th 2014
khadija Just a few days more Khadija
Dec 14th 2014
raveeha Amazing story and when will u publish the next part???????Plzzzzzzzzzz do it quickly dont leave us in suspense for long:);p Raveeha
Dec 13th 2014
khadija It will only take a fe days ..for approval Khadija
Nov 21st 2014
khadija Ohhh ok Khadija
Nov 21st 2014
Syeda Zuha What strange thing u wanna tell quickly add its 2nd part plzzzZzzz Syeda Zuha
Nov 10th 2014

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