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Fatima  Khan
Fatima Khan
Pakistan International School Es - Jeddah
Beauty Forever
Published On Oct 20th 2014
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We ran on the sand at a tremendous speed. Our pounding footsteps made the find sand billow around us in thick clouds, through which wafted in the pungent smell of natural sea salt and seaweed, the scents lingering in the humid air, that blew so hard our clothes snapped and the shouts of exhilaration that rose within us were stopped as the wind filled our mouths. Adrenaline coursing through us, we picked up speed, our feet sinking into the gritty sand, each grain glittering with the golden haze of the sun, which was a massive ball of fire amidst the fluffy pristine white clouds that pockmarked the azure sky, which matched the vast stretch of rippling water stretching below it exactly. Beautiful small birds soared high above, flitting around the clouds, just tiny insignificant specks in the measureless expanse of the sky, but their cries rang out clearly, seemingly cheering us on. We too yelled with joy, with the pleasure of a sprint on the beach. Sky high, dark and jagged stems rose at random distances out of the balmy sand. Leafy, vibrant green bushes capped them, and the weight of the succulent fruits forced the trees to bend slightly. The endless seashore, the fresh piney smell and beautiful sounds of chirping birds elated us, till we felt as weightless as the clouds above us. What a sight we must have been. A stream of joyful, hopeful young people, laughing, shrieking, sprinting barefoot on the gorgeous seashore, as indestructible as they believe themselves to be, who need never be hopeless, because they can never be irreparably broken. We could live off this majestic beauty forever.
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Comments 4
yusra Nice one Yusra
Dec 24th 2014
ali Can I join you! Ali
Dec 20th 2014
Maikham Excellent........ you can become a great writer.... Maikham
Dec 18th 2014
Sarah Amazing! Beautiful English! You're a true writer. Sarah
Nov 27th 2014

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