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Alina Salman
Alina Salman
Dawood Public School
Published On May 30th 2011
Total Comments : 44
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May 2011

Rank 9 Out of 10
So soon we trust
It really hurts, when all our secrets burst
It's better not to share
Not everyone in this world is fair
Don't expose everything in the start
First judge a person, and then open your heart
People in this world are so smart
Cheating with others they know the art
Decorate all your secrets in their deceiving mart
With few coins anyone can full his cart
A sincere pray comes out of my heart
No such person ever is your life's part
About our feelings and secrets we have to care
So no one gets the chance to make them bare
It really hurts when people break our trust
For just the sake of their lust
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Comments 44
Aleena Its Ok Alina.... Aleena
Sep 6th 2011
alina I know and I hav many friends but my rule is not to make a friend to whom u hav never met even you don't know the family background..Well thanxx for you suggestion... Alina
Sep 4th 2011
Izza A.O.A!...Alina Salman, although you are a talented person & nice thinking but remember that no one can live without friends in this day you will think that you did a HUGE mistake..Jazakallah Kharen. Izza
Sep 3rd 2011
xerac Hmmm ......nice one Xerac
Aug 29th 2011
alina I don't mean that but now it's up to u.U comment or not... Alina
Aug 23rd 2011
Aleena Ok Alina its my last msg to you. I would now never ask u to add me. And I shall try my best to never ever comment on your writing. Best of luck for your whole life.... Aleena
Aug 22nd 2011
alina I am sorry I do not mean to hurt you but making friends is not an easy job...Well I am sorry.... Alina
Aug 22nd 2011
Aleena Ok I am sorry. from now I would never ask u to talk with me. I thought that u are a friendly girl who likes to make friends but....I am sorry again! Believe me no one has ever hurted me like this as u did... Aleena
Aug 21st 2011
alina Look!Alina I hav add abeer cuz she study in my school and I know her.Look I am sorry I don't hav much time to do all this even I am not interested cuz I hav to learn cuz there is much burden on me because of studies.U are elder then me so I respect you....but now plz don't ask me.... Alina
Aug 21st 2011
Aleena Can u tell me that why don't you adds anyone? Aleena
Aug 20th 2011
Aleena Hey its ok. I am not saying you to add me but i hope you can chat with me like this??????? Aleena
Aug 20th 2011
alina Sorry aleena dear as We both have same name you bigger than me I am in grade 4....I live in Karachi still I cannot add you sorry. Alina
Aug 20th 2011
Aleena U said that u can't add me in your friends unless you would not know me! so I just want that I should know u and u should know me , so that we can be good friends. I am in class 9th. I live in Lahore. Now u tell me about yourself. Aleena
Aug 19th 2011
alina Why are you asking that??? Alina
Aug 18th 2011
Aleena Dear, my pic can't be approve bcz my pic has exceeded the size limit. so i guess i won't be able to do so! well in which class u are? Aleena
Aug 17th 2011
alina Thankxxx...bareera where is ur pic???? Alina
Aug 16th 2011
Bareera You are very sweet Bareera
Aug 16th 2011
alina Thank you...and plz you also approve your picture... Alina
Aug 14th 2011
Aleena you are very cute! Aleena
Aug 13th 2011
alina Yupppppppppp...........WHY???????? Alina
Aug 13th 2011
Aleena Alina is this your own pic? Aleena
Aug 11th 2011
alina Oh thanks my are you and whats your age???but plz can you tell me why you will pray for me and how do you knowthat i am cute???and what do you find so much interesting in my poem??? Alina
Aug 6th 2011
alina I lv your poem the poem is wonderful you are a gr8 writer and I luv your poem I will pray your health and for you....With lots of love and best wishes alina isn't it coolwe both have same names????you are a cute and cool girl...luv u very much my dear frnd alina...!!!!! Alina
Aug 5th 2011
alina Of course how can u find me in these commercials nowadays because all these commercials are old about an year past....but if you see with full concentration you can find me in the latest commercial of bata.... Alina
Aug 1st 2011
Aleena Sorry I couldn't find you in any of these commercials! Aleena
Aug 1st 2011
javaria Nice Javaria
Jul 30th 2011
alina I was in Mcdonalds one I have done drama I have done Mobilink Jazz,UBL omni comercials...:} Alina
Jul 29th 2011
Urooj Reallly nyc!!!!!!in which commercial u r???? Urooj
Jul 27th 2011
Aleena Tell some commercials and shows in which you are Aleena
Jul 17th 2011
alina Ofcourse...Alina I have done many t.v commercials and shows.... Alina
Jul 16th 2011
Aleena Alina are you in some T.V commercial? Aleena
Jul 15th 2011
alina Thanxxx Alina
Jul 9th 2011
No It was verrrrrrrrrrrrrry gud welllllllllllll doneeeee! No
Jun 30th 2011
Narmeen I guess this all is true Narmeen
Jun 21st 2011
muhammad aleem Hmmm nice! Muhammad Aleem
Jun 18th 2011
yamna Well it happened with me. i love ur poem Yamna
Jun 14th 2011
alina Abeer I know you.I am promoted to class IV.I think you are in class VI. Alina
Jun 6th 2011
humyle GOOD ONE! Humyle
Jun 5th 2011
Abeer I also study in dps well alina in which class ar u in Abeer
Jun 4th 2011
alina YES Bushra I study in DPS. Well when did u leave? Alina
Jun 2nd 2011
Bushra Hey u study in D.P.S?well,i USED to study there but then i left it. Bushra
Jun 1st 2011
Menahil Yeah, Ayesha, your'e right. Menahil
Jun 1st 2011
Ashna Nice=] Ashna
Jun 1st 2011
Ayesha Farhan Nice poem, you definitely deserved to win! Ayesha Farhan
May 31st 2011

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