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Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima
The City School
Nd (part 2)
Published On Oct 19th 2014
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"Sora no Joo!" Tsunade said "What are y-"
"Sora no Joo!" Tsunade said "What are y-"
Naruto as usual attacked without thinking.
Without even realizing the girl with the green scarf dodged it and kicked Naruto, causing him to crash at a house.
"hmp...a knucklehead like you can't even touch me." The girl said.
"Naruto, we have to think before attacking them." Kakashi said.
"Do it." The girl ordered the other girl with black hair.
The girl (with the black hair) rose her hand in the sky and small black bubbles started forming in the middle of her palm.
" That's...." horrified Sakura couldn't complete her sentence.
Just then Kakashi jumped up in the air and threw some shurikens at the black-haired girl. The girl realizing it, dodged the shurikens and lost her focus on the Chakra Ball causing the Jutsu to be a failure.
" use. Retreat for now." Said the team leader (girl with the green scarf)
POOF! they vanished.
-Hokage Office-
"Whatever happened today was not what we were expecting.....the rumors are true.." Tsunade said with seriousness.
"We should double our security Lady Hokage" Kakashi said.
"HMP!...who is she to call me a knucklehead!" Naruto yelled
"That's cuz' you ARE a knucklehead" Neji said
"Who do you think you're call-"
"Stop it both of you!" Kakashi said.
"For now everyone go and rest we'll sort this matter tomorrow" Lady Tsunade said.
"Hai" Said everyone together.
"So what do you guys wanna eat?" Kakashi asked
"ICHIRAKU RRRRRAAAAMMEEENNNN!!!!" Naruto said with excitment.
"Maybe someother time Kakashi-sensei its getting pretty late." Sakura said.
"AWWW....Sakura-Chan c'mon it'll be f-"
"No." Sakura said and went straight home.
Naruto was disappointed.
"Okay so Naruto i'll be going enjoy your ramen" as soon as he said that, Kakashi went poof.
"Aww man, it'll be no fun eatting alone..."
"Hey Naruto!" a familiar voice said.
"IRUKA-SENSEI!!" Naruto said happily.
"Wanna go get some Ichira-"
"I knew it" Iruka thought giving him a bright smile.
(So Part 2 ends here hope you enjoyed! :3 Gomen for late update was kinda busy! ^.^
I'll post the next one as soon as I can! Arigatou! :3)
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Comments 10
Phoenix This is a Good story:) Phoenix
Apr 3rd 2017
Aliza  Somebody here ever watched angel beats? Aliza
Jun 15th 2016
subhana Shumaim are you a girl Subhana
Feb 11th 2015
subhana Shumaim are you a girl Subhana
Feb 11th 2015
Munkashay Sure, Noor-chan, just make my eyes blue and my hair red, pleeeease! Munkashay
Dec 11th 2014
Shumaim OMG OMG OMG!!!! AWESOME!!! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!! This will be me, as an anime girl. Fine? Shumaim
Nov 17th 2014
noor Heyy, I've been thinking why don't I make you Shu-chan and myself as anime characters! :D Just tell me your face details and I"ll try making us as anime characters! (if I can :P) Noor
Oct 29th 2014
Munkashay Me too! I love you guys in my story! And we look cool as Anime, don't we? Munkashay
Oct 28th 2014
noor Hey Mun-chan! :3 I already read you story I'm fine with the team and the story is going good! I <3 it! :D Noor
Oct 25th 2014
Munkashay Oooooohhhh.... They're powerful..... Hey, we're in Chuunin Exams (in my story) and your team is made! Hurry and see! Munkashay
Oct 20th 2014

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