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Pariza Gilani
Pariza Gilani
Lahore School Of Learning
Published On Sep 23rd 2014
Total Comments : 49
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I am a light.
I am thin.
I do not have a switch.
What am I?
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Comments 49
Zainab Candle or sun Zainab
Dec 10th 2017
Berha Muneeb there is no riddle section, is it candle? Berha
Jun 7th 2016
Hadia Ehsan Candle Hadia Ehsan
May 30th 2016
Bushra Sun!!! Bushra
Jan 21st 2016
Irza Candle moon star? Irza
Nov 5th 2015
ayesha Candle !! Ayesha
Apr 10th 2015
Ayesha Moon or Stars it could be Ayesha
Jan 16th 2015
Wafa Candle Wafa
Jan 9th 2015
rameen Candle yar Rameen
Jan 5th 2015
uswa Candle Uswa
Jan 5th 2015
Zarlish Candle ;) Zarlish
Dec 31st 2015
jasmine FOR GODS SAKE IT IS A CANDLE!!!! Jasmine
Dec 31st 2015
Zaid Candle so easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhahahaha! please tell about the right answer Zaid
Dec 28th 2014
tehreem CANDLE Tehreem
Dec 27th 2014
hadiya Candle Hadiya
Dec 22nd 2014
hira AT least give an answer Hira
Dec 20th 2014
hira AT least give an answer Hira
Dec 20th 2014
Abeerali Light Abeerali
Dec 19th 2014
Zain Firefly maybe Zain
Dec 19th 2014
Khadija Candle Khadija
Dec 17th 2014
hibah Candle Hibah
Dec 17th 2014
nabiha Candle Nabiha
Dec 15th 2014
raveeha Candle easy peasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raveeha
Dec 13th 2014
hadiya Candle it is too easy Hadiya
Dec 8th 2014
saad Not funny Saad
Nov 28th 2014
saad Not funny Saad
Nov 28th 2014
FR NO.1 Candle its only a guess Fr No.1
Nov 12th 2014
munnazzar Candle easy Munnazzar
Nov 9th 2014
Umer Candle Umer
Nov 7th 2014
M. Candle M.
Oct 31st 2014
M. Candle M.
Oct 31st 2014
Rihab A beam or sun ray Rihab
Oct 25th 2014
Faiqa Candle Faiqa
Oct 19th 2014
muneeb Well this is joke section not riddle section Muneeb
Oct 16th 2014
Bushra Pariza! Elsa's hair r whiteish & yellowish not blue. Where ever u have taken that pic from the pic is wrong. I have watched "FROZEN" like a 50 to 60 times maybe u haven't. Bushra
Oct 12th 2014
Bushra Candle ofcoure dear what else Bushra
Oct 12th 2014
Laiba Candle Laiba
Oct 9th 2014
Aniqa Candle Aniqa
Oct 8th 2014
shehram Pari is that u ? Shehram
Sep 29th 2014
shehram Is that u pariza or aleeyah man ? Shehram
Sep 29th 2014
Amn Donno Amn
Sep 28th 2014
munnazzar Candle Munnazzar
Sep 27th 2014
talha Electricity Talha
Sep 27th 2014
Maimoona Masood I have send u a friend request plz plz plz plz plz accept it!!!!!!! Maimoona Masood
Sep 27th 2014
Maimoona Masood Candle Maimoona Masood
Sep 27th 2014
Mohammad Candle Mohammad
Sep 27th 2014
andleeb Candle Andleeb
Sep 26th 2014
Muhammad LIGHTNING Muhammad
Sep 26th 2014
Pariza I am NOT the strongest source of light. Pariza
Sep 25th 2014

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