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Ibrahim Rahim Baloch
Ibrahim Rahim Baloch
Bolan Grammar School Turbat Kech Balochistan
Mother's Love
Published On Sep 18th 2014
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Once upon a time a mother with his son was living in a village. They had an old house and they were very much poor. The mother worked in a shop in bazaar and brought 3 times food, school uniform, book and all things for her son. The son was very much with his mother and he also loved his mother a lot. He everyday used to go in school for reading and he was very much interested in getting education. After every year he gave exam and passed the exam with good marks. After passing his 10th class he went to 1st year. He joined college with happily and he was too much happy to go in college level. When he was sleeping at night then he was very much happy because morning time he is going to attend his class and it is the first day of his college. The sun at morning came out with the beautiful sounds of the birds and the son got up and had lunch after that he went to college. He was seeing new people with new face and he did not know anyone from college. He went to the class and all the students started laughing him and start making fun him. So, he went and sat on a chair and after some minutes the teacher came and started laughing on him because he was not having one eye. Actually he got an accident before some years and he lost his one eye. The first of the college was very bad for him. He was very ashamed in front of the students. So, he went at home and told all the words of the people which were told by the students of the college. He also told to his mother from this day he is no more going to school because he was being teased by the students because of not having one eye. Also now the friends of him were also teasing him because of not one eye. Nowadays he was not coming out from his house, but one day the telephone was ringing and he attended the telephone. The doctor told him that someone is ready to her eye to you...if you are ready then we conduct the operation soon. He said I am ready for operation. The operation was done and the operation became successful. He got one eye.........It is Still going on.
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Comments 3
Umair Nice try Umair
Jan 25th 2015
Laibah Its ok, i didnt notice many mistakes. but good story! Laibah
Sep 19th 2014
Ibrahim Sorrry some mistakes are there because i just wrote and did not check it.......... Ibrahim
Sep 19th 2014

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