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Munkashay Hyuuga
Munkashay Hyuuga
Army Public School And Colleges :')
Shumaim And Munkashay In Naruto World (part 4)
Published On Sep 9th 2014
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Munkashay slowly opened her eyes. Looking around she saw it was a hospital ward.
"Are - are you okay?" came Tenten's voice.
"Tenten, her arm is fractured and you expect her to be okay?" came Lee's voice. Munkashay shook her head and clearly saw Neji, Tenten, Lee and Shumaim standing by the side of her bed.
"How..?" she tried to ask.
"Kunai, huh..." Neji said slowly, "Well, it is certin someone is after us. Thank God you are safe," he added to Munkashay. Shumaim smiled broadly and said, "I've good news. You'll see." She then looked at the door and yelled, "Come on in!"
Munkashay couldn't believe what she saw: 'NOOR FATIMA', 'RUMAISA AHTSHAM' and 'MARYAM AMIR', her best pen friends on V SHINE, enter. Rumaisa grinned and said,"Hey, we are here."
"But how?!" shouted Munkashay with delight.
"The same which happened to us," Shumaim grinned.
"I was just trying out a manga when I saw this code: 811 151," said Maryam. Noor laughed.
"And I am SOOO happy Minato and Kushina are alive!" she said.
"What do you all just mean?" Tenten asked, "Why DO you expect them to die?" The four girls laughed and said, "Tenten, we come from a different place."
"Anyway," Neji said and Munkashay's attention snapped up on him," Lord Minato says you have good potential to be genin. And so, as you four are genin, you have teams. I don't know well about Maryam or Noor, but Rumaisa, you have been put into Team...Anko."
"WHAT?!" Rumaisa yelled, frustrated." Man, why do I get ANKO?!"
"...And your other teammates are Uchiha Itachi and someone named Yagura," continued Neji. Rumaisa blushed. Neji continued,
"Shumaim, Sai and Yahiko form up Team Yamato -" Shumaim giggled with excitement " - And Munkashay, Yuukimaru and someone named Yuki Haruto make up....Team Kushina."
"Team KU-KUSHINA??!!" yelled Munkashay, her face bright pink. Neji nodded.
"Relax," Lee grinned.
'This - is - epic,' thought Shumaim. Maryam and Noor said aloud,
"So what about us?"
"Wait till Lord Hokage puts you in a team," Tenten replied. Munkashay, Rumaisa, Noor, Maryam, and Shumaim were practically bouncing with excitement, just as they heard Lee say,
"Your Chuunin Exams are starting next week."
 (P.S., Noor and Maryam, please tell your favourites so I can make your teams!)
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Comments 24
Munkashay Thanks! Munkashay
Dec 25th 2014
irhum I like your stories it was so interesting. Irhum
Dec 20th 2014
Munkashay I came first, M.A.! Good luck to you, Maryam!! Munkashay
Nov 17th 2014
Maryam Mine ended too and I am waiting for result. :))))) Maryam
Nov 8th 2014
Munkashay GRRRR!! Munkashay
Nov 6th 2014
Munkashay Mine haved ended! Munkashay
Nov 5th 2014
Munkashay Mine are ended, thank God. Munkashay
Nov 3rd 2014
Maryam Yeah!!!! i am also giving exams. they r Just about to end :o) :p :))) Maryam
Oct 30th 2014
Munkashay Exams about to END! Munkashay
Oct 23rd 2014
Munkashay EID MUBARAK BACK!! I don't do much work, Maryam. Laptop banned, exams about to start. So I guess you get the idea! Munkashay
Oct 12th 2014
Shaheer Advance EID MUBARIK!! (dont know when they will load on web) :P Shaheer
Oct 5th 2014
Maryam So what r u Doing these days?!?!?! ..!!..**EID MUBARAK**..!!.. Do you play ''naruto'' games?!?!?! IF YES:- then where???? IF NO:- then ookk I''''ll find my self. JUST Questions..!! :o) :p *_* Okay bye. Maryam
Oct 3rd 2014
Munkashay I've listened Selena Gomez's "Love you like a Love Song", "Who Says", "Spotlight", "A Year Without Rain". Munkashay
Oct 2nd 2014
Maryam Np!!!!! 80% people don't know it :o) :D So you are not alone!!!! =/ :o) Maryam
Oct 2nd 2014
Oct 1st 2014
Munkashay Oh sorry, didn't know! Munkashay
Sep 29th 2014
Maryam Oh!!! Just One More Thing, 2 A In AAMIR.... :o) =/ Maryam
Sep 28th 2014
Munkashay Well, I'll make fictional chracters for you two, then! And thanks, Maryam and Noor, sure you can call me 'Mun-chan'! I read your Doujinshi too! Munkashay
Sep 27th 2014
noor Can I call you Mun-Chan? It sounds kawaii! ^.^ And Shumaim can I call you Shu-Chan? Both names are kawaii! ^.^ Noor
Sep 24th 2014
noor THANK YOU MUN-CHAN!!! ^.^ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! :* My Fav are Kakashi-kun, Itachi-sama, Neji-sama, Naruto, and ALL OF THEM!! P.S. Read my Doujinshi too! :3 Noor
Sep 23rd 2014
Maryam Wow I love it even more :o) My favs are Neji, sakura and every one but I want to be with you. Anyways you are doing great. Maryam
Sep 23rd 2014
Munkashay I did! And it's RUMAISA. :) Munkashay
Sep 17th 2014
Shaheer Lol. You added Mariam, Noor and Ramaisa (dont know right spellings for Raimasa) Sorry Shaheer
Sep 16th 2014
Munkashay YAAAY! It came! ^_^ Munkashay
Sep 14th 2014

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