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Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Adler College
Matilda(a Liar Girl)
Published On Sep 17th 2014
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Once upon a time there lived a girl named Matilda. She teases and irritate everyone. She told lies to everyone. Her parents were died in her childhood and now she was living with her Aunt.
One day her aunt was going somewhere, Matilda asked her so she told her that she is going to the biggest ceremony of in which the President of America was coming but she was not taking Matilda with her because of her lies and the habit of irritating everywhere. Matilda forced her but unfortunately she refused and denied and went on.
Matilda planned to invite her friends, So, she called all of her friends and invite them to do something new mischief.
When her friends came so they called Fire Brigade Emergency Service and told them that their house is burning in fire and they are inside it. The fire brigade came fast and asked that were burnt house is??So Matilda and their friends laughed very loudly and said we were just joking.
Fire Brigade Service became angry and rude. On this situation her Aunt solve the entire problem and became upset with her
Next day her Aunt was going to Cooking Competition and left Matilda at home and went on.
This time in reality the hose was burnt and only Matilda was inside there. When she called Fire Brigade so they refused to come and say that you are a big liar and just making fun to call.
The Matilda was burnt in the fire and when her came so Matilda and her house was already burnt and tears was coming from her eyes but that was the mistake of Matilda and her bad behaviour an d habits!!
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Comments 12
Beenish I don't know if it was taken from a book or not if it is a poem and you converted it into a story the idea must be the same and the people. I do not mean to be rude but there is no difference. I hope my comment does not hurt anybody. Beenish
Nov 21st 2015
Syeda Zuha Guys i have'nt cheated it but u can say it was a poem n i convert it into story so it's different.. Syeda Zuha
Jul 28th 2015
abeera It is taken from ORC book it was actually a poem so in a way u did write it yourself Abeera
Mar 6th 2015
abeera Dont mean to be rude but u need to work on your tenses...i mean u r in 8 grade Abeera
Feb 25th 2015
Ayesha Lieing is very bad for your life Ayesha
Jan 16th 2015
Syeda Zuha No laiba I had not taken it from book it is my own story.. Syeda Zuha
Oct 21st 2014
Syeda Zuha No laiba I had not taken it from book it is my own story.. Syeda Zuha
Oct 21st 2014
aeman Good. It's like the kids and the farmer story. Any one read it ??? Aeman
Oct 8th 2014
Laibah Zuha, i had a book in my fourth grade called PUPIL BOOK 4. by any chance, did you take the story from there? because the same one is written in my book; except matilda's aunt went to the cinema Laibah
Oct 3rd 2014
Fatima  Mehdi Actually Matilda should not be her name. Roald Dahl made the story of Matilda. Fatima Mehdi
Sep 18th 2014
KHAN Awesome! Khan
Sep 17th 2014
shehram Ill rather say it copied people. Shehram
Sep 17th 2014

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