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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
Lahore Grammar School
The Story Of Pizza
Published On Mar 6th 2010
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Hi Guys! I am Pizza. Pizza you like. I want to share my sad story with you.

Pizza Sad Story

First of all, the baker makes dough. I mean my body, and then he punches me. Then he puts me in bowl & raps it with some soft paper. I sleep there for almost 3 or 4 hours. Then he makes me body in a circle shape with the help of rolling pin. Ouch! I shout a lot. But, he doesn't listen to me. I think he is so cruel. What a cruel man! Then he puts me in a circle pan & sprinkles hot chicken on me. Aah! It’s hot. This is not done that he sprinkles different spices on me. I feel sick. I think in my mind that I am in Jail. Then at last, he cuts soft cheese & places on my body. Now, the cruel baker puts me in hot oven. Ouch! Ouch! I can't move. I can't do anything. Aah! Let me out. But, he is so cruel that he lets me in for 1/2 an hour. When I was ready to die, he picks me out & places me in his closet. I thought that now I can relax. But, after a few minutes a girl who was nearly 6 years old came in & asked the baker for a pizza. I was happy to see a good girl taking me. But, the baker took another pizza who was my friend. I thought my friend was lucky, but when I saw the girl cutting the pizza on the shelf & churning it with her teeth. I was scared, that night I couldn't go to sleep. Next day, another beautiful girl came & said: Oh! Uncle I want one fresh pizza. The baker took me out and packed me & gave to the girl. I thought this was my last day in the world. The girl took me her house where her guests were waiting for her. She took me out & cut me into pieces. Ouch! Mommy! I said. Then, she placed me in a dish & placed me in the front of her guests. Take it! It's tasty. She said. Why not? Take it Rida. Said one her guests to her daughter & they took me in their hands & started churning my body. I thought: world is so cruel! People in it are so cruel. Aah! But, this story will not affect you because you can't just leave such a yummy meal for my life. Ouch! You are so cruel! Bye!

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Comments 10
abdul moiz abid Oh! what a sad pizza.I am also sad about it but i will never stop eating pizza. Abdul Moiz Abid
Aug 2nd 2014
mahrukh KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!you should be the winner but can I eat pizza from now Mahrukh
Apr 18th 2014
Tooba Cool Tooba
Apr 11th 2014
Aimen Good story....and i love pizzzza :) Aimen
Mar 26th 2014
 Areena VSHINE! when my joke & story will be published? Areena
Apr 5th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Mustafa Really!We are So cruel .HEHE . Excellent Story Mustafa
Mar 9th 2010
Maheen Hey! that's informative! Superb! Maheen
Mar 7th 2010
wafa Super!Writing good! Wafa
Mar 6th 2010
Zernab Izza's story is Good.Excellent!Write more! Zernab
Mar 6th 2010

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