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Shabbar Ali Asif
Shabbar Ali Asif
St. Pauls English High School
Jurrasic Adventure
Published On Sep 17th 2014
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About 10 million years ago in the past the Dinosaurs were vanished. But in future The technology was so upgraded that invention of time machine have been made. One Day a boy named Gold Finger. Who lived in California USA found an egg of an ''Unknown Creature'' he thought he have found an egg of something mysterious and he did not know what it was but he decided to figure it out and make it his pet and raise it up so he could know about it. After 10 years GoldFinger raised it up as his pet .He gave it to the scientists so they could figure it out what it was. They figured it out with the fossils they have been collecting since 10 years ago and it was a Futaba Saurus and they decided to sell it to a collector of fossils and skeleton's of dinosaurs for $100,000 dollars but GoldFinger Didn't want to sell it because he raised it up and loved it and he named it BesukaiBut the scientists were so greedy about $100,000 that they decided to snatch Besukai from Goldfinger and sell it to the collector of fossils and skeleton's of dinosaurs named Back Flash but GoldFinger decided to save Besukai from Back Flash and the scientists but he was too weak to face them but he decided to fight and get his pet back from Back Flash and scientists.GoldFinger decided to go in the past and leave Besukai there so he can live comfortably and Back Flash cannot get him but Back Flash know that he was going to do that so he decided to follow him secretly and attack suddenly and he did that but GoldFinger was clever too he fooled him with statues but Back Flash didn't give up and continued the war with GoldFinger for Besukai. After all at last GoldFinger decided to call Time Patrol the police which fights crime in different time,years,months or centuries and Back Flash was caught red handed and was sent to prison for 10 years for the crime of collecting rare dinosaurs species and at the end GoldFinger got Besukai Back to him.
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