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Aina  Shireen
Aina Shireen
Frontier Youths Academy
Successful Life
Published On Sep 17th 2014
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The Holy Quran invites us to do good deeds so that we could be successful in this world and hereafter, and saving from the evils. It also teaches that we need to help us become better people.
Here are few things that all we should be doing.
1: Thanking ALLAH for all HIS blessing.
2: Never miss prayers.
3:Giving to the poor and helping anybody who needs help.\
4:Being trustworthy and keeping the promise we make.
5: Avoiding anger or complaining all the time.
6:Always being humble ,kind and courteous.
7: Forgiving people.
8: Never hating people or being jealous.
9:Living moderately, avoiding greed and luxury.
10:Being patient and never call other people by bad nicknames.
11:Being ambitious and practical about this world and the world after here.
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Comments 9
Shaheer Hmmm.....Isn't being ambitious in here (this world) make us a little compromising towards Allah and neglecting the other life (Hereafter)..... Still very good effort to provide people with awareness ...keep it up ! Shaheer
Jun 21st 2016
mubashra Great.....gud work Mubashra
Dec 29th 2015
Ayma 2 2rue u are very right I want to be ur friend PLZ Ayma
Dec 29th 2015
Aarish Good work! Aarish
Oct 14th 2014
aeman Eid Mubarak Aeman
Oct 8th 2014
Fatima If only us humans viewed this as more than just an article. Our lives would be phenomenal Fatima
Oct 8th 2014
AINA Advance Eid Mubarak Aina
Oct 4th 2014
AINA Thanks Aina
Oct 3rd 2014
aeman Very nice...lovely..I hope the whole world follows these ...God bless you aina. For ur good deeds... Aeman
Oct 2nd 2014

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