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Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima
The City School
Nd (part 1)
Published On Sep 18th 2014
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It was a usual day for Konohagakure. Naruto and Sakura were waiting at the training grounds for their sensei, Kakashi Hatake."YOUR'RE LATE SENSEI!!" Sakura and Naruto yelled at the silver haired ninja and he had his usual excuse, "Sorry guys, I was lost in the path of life!". Just then a member from ANBU came and said, "Lady Tsunade has summond team Kakashi" and he poof-ed away.
Team Kakashi left as soon as they got the message. When they reached the Hokage's office they were surprized to see that everyone was there i.e the Konoha 11.
"Ahh, since everyone is here let's start the meeting." Tsunade said "So as you all know  about the attack in the land hidden in the Mist"
"Yes, but what about it?" Kakashi asked.
"The attackers posses a huge amout of Chakra....They killed almost the entire people there..Worst of all they can perform the attack which only the tailed beast can...the Chakra Ball and there is a rumour that the 12th beast has been born"
"What!, How is it possible even I can't perform it! how can they do it!" Naruto was screaming like an idiot.
"Shut up Naruto!" Sakura said as she punched Naruto.
"But how is it possible Lady Tsunade,a twelth beast?" Kakashi asked.
"Even i don't know, All the villages have been warned about them. We gave  them a name......Sora no Joō or the Queens of the Sky as they were seen flying"
"Sora no joō,huh?" Neji said.
"I want all of you to be alerted so that nobody in Konoha is can leave now" Tsunade said.
"Who the hell are the ,ummm, what were they called again?" Naruto said.
"Sora no Joō." Kakashi said.
"Yeah! how can they be so-"
"OWWWWW, Oh sorry are you al-" Naruto stopped as he saw a girl with long silver hair and crimson eyes and all the perfect feature a girl should have causing him to blush.
"Ummm,I-I'm s-sorry are you a-a-alright?" Naruto asked as he helped her get up.
"No problem and yes i'm fine you should look where you're going." the girl said with an emotionless face.
"Uhh, okay and sorry again" Naruto said as he, Sakura and Kakashi started going to Ichiraku Ramen Shop.
"Weird girl....never seen her here in Konoha before" Sakura said.
"She was even beautiful then Sakura-chan!" Naruto said
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!" Sakura said as she punched him.
"Man what am i gonna do with these guys" Kakashi said sweatdropping when he saw these two fighting.
Just then a large explosion was heard by almost everyone in Konoha. It was near the Hokage Monument.
"Naruto, Sakura let's go!" Kakashi ordered.
"Aww man just when i wanted to have Ramen!" Naruto whined.
When they arrived including the Konoha 11 and Lady Tsunade they saw 3 ninjas standing on top of the monument. They were wearing long black and blue cloaks starting from their foot up till their chin. they had their faces covered.
"Who are you?!?" Tsunade asked.
"We are what you guys call us.......Sora no Joō" said the rouge ninjas.
(Part 1 ends here! hope you guys like it! and Sorry for grammer mistakes i'm very bad at grammer :P.....hope you like it i'll be posting the next one! Oh and Shumaim and Munkashey you guys are in my story with me! :P.......and if you don't gey part 2 of the story just think i'm busy with homework! >.< Arigatou! :3)
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Comments 5
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 25th 2015
ali Okk Ali
Dec 24th 2014
Munkashay Sure, I'll wait! ....And read. ;) Munkashay
Oct 23rd 2014
noor Hey Mun-chan!~ Well the mystery is gonna be solved but not now! :P Noor
Sep 24th 2014
Munkashay OMG OMG Noor!! Wow! So, who was that grey-haired girl? And the Sora no Joou? I know, like, you'll tell it in the 2nd part will ya? Munkashay
Sep 23rd 2014

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