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Mohammad  Fahad
Mohammad Fahad
Pakturk School And Collages Islamabad
Abu Bakr And Umar
Published On Sep 18th 2014
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Hazrat Umer always tried to proceed from Abu Bakr, but he never got a chance. In the battle of tabuk Hazrat Mohammad P.B.U.H said to spend money. On that day Harat Umer said to himself today I will proceed from Abu Bakr. Hazrat Umer brought half of his money, while Abu Bakr brought all of what he had. Prophet P.B.U.H said "What have you left for your home? Abu Bakar replied, “Allah and his messenger P.B.U.H”.
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Comments 12
Anam Awesome...and I like Maulana Tariq Jameel very much Anam
Apr 5th 2015
abeera Wow very nice.....u should share more of these beautiful and heart tearing stories Abeera
Feb 7th 2015
ali Wowowwww Ali
Dec 24th 2014
Mohammad I actually heard it from Maulana Tariq Jameel. Whenever I hear his talks it makes me cry Mohammad
Oct 1st 2014
Amn Congratulations fahad can you share more things like that ?? Please Amn
Sep 28th 2014
Amn Wow absolutely amazing Amn
Sep 28th 2014
Amn Where did you read this???? Plz answer Amn
Sep 27th 2014
Mohammad Actually it was like this I will complete.Hey everyone yesterday I had my function coz I am a Hafiz.:) Abu Bakr weared a carpet. Then angel Jibraeel came and said to Prophet P.B.U.H " Allah is sending peace upon Abu Bakr and is asking why Abu Bakr is wearing a carpet?". He P.B.U.H said " Abu Bakr has given everything in Allah's way." Then Jiraeel replied "Allah is questioning Abu Bakr that is he happy from Me"? (Just think the Lord of the universe is asking!!!) Then Muhammad PBUH said to Abu Bakr" Allah is sending salaam and is asking that r u happy from Me." He RA replied I am happy (x3). Just think guys everyone in this world is asking " Oh Allah be happy from me", and with Abu Bakr it was vise versa. IT IS AMAZING. Mohammad
Sep 27th 2014
Amn Amazing and it was NYC of u to share this Amn
Sep 26th 2014
Mohammad Thankx Mohammad
Sep 20th 2014
Ibrahim Nice dear Ibrahim
Sep 20th 2014
shehram Awesome Shehram
Sep 20th 2014

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