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Ibrahim Rahim Baloch
Ibrahim Rahim Baloch
Bolan Grammar School Turbat Kech Balochistan
Nazar Wants To Study
Published On Sep 18th 2014
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In a small town of Dasht, there lived a young boy named Nazar who had recently passed his matric from the school of his own village. He had two sisters and a small brother who is still not able to walk. His father had passed away before some months and his mother works in other people houses and brings five times food for his children. Nazar wants to be a doctor and study ahead, but his mother does not have money to send his son in Quetta for the preparation of medical test. Actually nazar had wish of being a doctor in his childhood and he still wants to be a doctor and it is not possible for him to be a doctor because of poverty. However, for being a doctor, he is ready to give his life, but what this young boy can do, he doesn’t have money to take a ticket of local car and go to Turbat. Anyhow, now he starts collecting wood from the forest and after some days he collects a lot of wood and buy them to a local car and gets two thousand rupee. With this two thousand rupee he takes a ticket of Turbat and he goes to Turbat. There he starts working in a hotel and after one month he gets his salary which is ten thousand. So, after getting the salary he stops working in hotel and he takes a ticket of Quetta bus. He leaves Turbat with a nice smile on his face. The second night bus reaches in Kuzdhar, on the way robbers stop the bus and enter inside the bus and says, "Anyone having money should bring his money otherwise we will kill him." Nazar is compelled and he gives his all money. After this the bus starts going towards quetta, it reached next morning in Quetta. Nazar had never come before in Quetta, it is his first time and he is surprised to see new people, houses, cars and the gardens because before he was living in a village and now he has come in a city. He doesn’t know anyone from Quetta and he also doesn’t have money.
What happens next, you will know that by the next part of this story
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Comments 9
Umair Nice Umair
Jan 9th 2015
ali Next part Ali
Dec 24th 2014
Mohammed Siraj Nice try Ibrahim. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode of this story. I hope you ll come up with it very soon. Good Luck dear. Mohammed Siraj
Dec 13th 2014
raveeha Nyc but it seemed a little childish to me(don't mind plz I just said what I felt plz don't take it personally) Raveeha
Dec 13th 2014
Affan Very nice excellent fabulous Waiting for next part Affan
Nov 9th 2014
shehram Nyccc Shehram
Sep 20th 2014
Ibrahim Inshallah soon...... Ibrahim
Sep 20th 2014
Laibah Nyc. when is next part coming? Laibah
Sep 19th 2014
Ibrahim Thanks vshine team Ibrahim
Sep 19th 2014

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