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Fatima Arif
Fatima Arif
Pakistan International School
I Am Sorry..
Published On Sep 18th 2014
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One fine evening Ayesha and I were playing badminton on the roof, Ayesha served the shuttlecock , it came near me , I shot it but it didn't really went to her but out of the roof ,we tried to find it but we couldn't ,Ayesha started crying I even said her sorry but it didn't affected her , she had another shuttlecock but she was obstinately saying that she doesn't wants me to play , I don't know why but I became furious I threw the racket and as I was going she realized that I am very angry , she tried to stop me , but I was serious , I slapped her so hard and went downstairs and as I slapped her I realized what I did was wrong , I was dying to say her sorry but I couldn't , sorry isn't easy to say ,I was very sad , I even started crying but then someone came and sat beside me it was her, Ayesha, her behaviour was like nothing happened ,but then suddenly I realized that sorry is something that strong people say and as I was going to say her sorry , she said me sorry , I was surprised , I mean , I couldn't believe because she is such a stubborn girl ,she said that she was all the time being the bad girl and people had to say her sorry even if it was their fault or not , but my slap really changed her , she realized about  others anger too...But anyway it was my fault too so I said her sorry and we continued our game , with the other shuttlecock ...!
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Comments 15
jasmine Gud:) Jasmine
Jan 25th 2015
ali TT_TT :*) Ali
Dec 24th 2014
Fatima Wonderful!! Fatima
Dec 12th 2014
mahrukh How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mahrukh
Nov 7th 2014
Amna :) Who is Ayesha ?? Is she ur sister?? Amna
Oct 27th 2014
ALVINA Nice Alvina
Oct 6th 2014
Fatima Thanks amn Laibah fahad arif manahil and shehram for all your comments i just did it randomly,i never thought of getting so many views and comments thank you everyone please if u guys have any tip 4 story writing plz let me know Fatima
Sep 28th 2014
Amn I agree with fahad Amn
Sep 26th 2014
Manahil Good one-----:/:(:(:( Manahil
Sep 26th 2014
Arif Wow, little story and might be happened to most of the people but the way described it's would really touch to every body to signify the importance of one word i.e. "SORRY". Arif
Sep 26th 2014
Fatima Thanks every one for ur comments and yess it's real Fatima
Sep 26th 2014
Laibah Is it real? anyway, gud. Laibah
Sep 21st 2014
Mohammad Well acting upon the SORRY is the real thing not just saying SORRY Mohammad
Sep 20th 2014
shehram Is it real? Shehram
Sep 20th 2014
Amn :):):):) Amn
Sep 20th 2014

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