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Shaheer Salah
Shaheer Salah
Lahore School Of Learning
Scarlet House Terror's (part 2)
Published On Aug 26th 2014
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It crept along the walls in shadows and went to the far back side of the school. He went into a tumbling shed (which was in school property but was not being used) closed the door behind him. Then he pushed the things aside and pulled a wooden plank from the floor. It opened noiselessly. He went inside and after 10-20 minutes came back closed the door and went back from where he came.
Meanwhile in the school (children dormitories most specifically) a wall gave way and something came inside. It crept along the children's beds. And looked for something. It searched for the thing but found none. After sometime it went back in the hole and the wall closed behind.
In the morning children found there things scattered. They quickly took their things together and put them back in their trunks because they were afraid that of their teachers saw this they all will be in very much trouble. Soon the classes started and the children forgot about the incident but something remembered them. It was 5 in the evening that some of the first formers were roaming around in the garden that they found large footprints in the mud. The children had read mystery stories and thought themselves as the biggest detectives of all times. So they started to investigate in their childish manner. First they thought and came to a conclusion that these footprints were new because it had rained the day before today and if they were made by some builders they must have been washed away. Then they thought it can’t be our teachers or school staff's because the footprints were too large for them. Then Louis the most bossy but intelligent student said let’s see were these footprints lead too. As they neared the shed they were convinced that it couldn't be their teachers or staff because no one went there. Some of the children shivered as they saw the shed because it looked to spooky. But Louis being brave thought to open the door and look inside. He opened the door and suddenly shrieked!!
To be continued...
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Comments 11
Fatima Great Fatima
Jan 6th 2015
shehram Lol xD Shehram
Sep 3rd 2014
Ibrahim Sorry sister miss-understanding was there to me. Ibrahim
Aug 31st 2014
shehram Ibrahim u are a fool I was saying this to my brother. =P Shehram
Aug 31st 2014
shehram Ibrahim u are a fool I was saying this to my brother. =P Shehram
Aug 31st 2014
Shaheer Thnx Ibrahim. Shaheer
Aug 31st 2014
Ibrahim Shahram i did not use bad words for ur brother.i was encouraging him but i dont know what kind of person you are.. Ibrahim
Aug 30th 2014
shehram Dont overact plzzzz!!! Shehram
Aug 30th 2014
Ibrahim The best story i have ever read,,nice friend keep writing Ibrahim
Aug 30th 2014
Shaheer Yeah cause you are my sis :P Shaheer
Aug 28th 2014
shehram Cool story by a stupid person :P Shehram
Aug 27th 2014

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