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Maryam Aamir
Maryam Aamir
Notorious Room 5
Published On Aug 26th 2014
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Later that day, I went to college and decided to discuss it with Arlene. I sat on a grassy ground with her. I told her that I bought a room on rent for exam preparation.
She asked me some questions and said “you are living in a Notorious Room.” It stunned me because I wasn’t expecting such response from her.
“How are you familiar with it?” I asked her. “I...just read it on….internet.
She thought herself a talented artist but she was worst now she is better actor. She didn’t say anything but her face revealed it.
The day went quite nice but night went was scary. I spend it imagining the extremes of fears and the people who faced those. I ended all thoughts without a result.
Proceeding day was Sunday, so I woke at 10:00am. I took my breakfast and glanced the calendar I found that it was day 21. I was not scared to death but I was curious to know reality.
I requested Arlene to meet me at coffee shop near City Park. As I told her about the day 21 she suggested me to leave the room. I agreed as nothing else I could try.
I packed my belongings, locked the room and went to elevator. It was blocked so I decided to use stairs. I hesitated first but then I moved forward because I didn’t have any other choice. I ran down the stairs. To me, my speed was fast with the luggage but I wasn’t that fast.
I walked to receptionist to return her the key and to pay. She said “You cannot leave the room. You will die next day.”
“Uuuhhh.... you should have told me that before now what I can do?” I wanted to smack her hard but I silently went back to my ‘Haunted Notorious Room’.
I sat on chair and fell in deep thoughts. My final decision was “I should ask Arlene she knew something important and I will not leave the room without knowing the truth.” I glimpsed the wall clock; it was 3:20 am. Then I went to my bed and tried to sleep. I don’t know when I slept.
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Comments 19
Maryam Thank you :o :p Maryam
Feb 25th 2015
khadija Well,nice story :) Khadija
Feb 22nd 2015
Maryam Thanks. I hope you all will like the end. Maryam
Sep 12th 2014
Mohammad Well done. please send the other parts quickly because I am curious of what will happen Mohammad
Sep 6th 2014
Manahil Nice story Manahil
Sep 6th 2014
Maryam There are six parts and I will send it today. Maryam
Sep 6th 2014
Areesha Maryam Iim curious 4 the sixth part!! please send it quickly! Areesha
Sep 2nd 2014
Areesha That's awesome! Maryam how many parts are there? Areesha
Sep 2nd 2014
Maryam Thank you everyone. I will send the next part in 1st week of september. @Shahram I think Jubail is in eastern province and why you are asking about english section? Is there any Problem with my english? I will improve it infact I am improving it. Maryam
Aug 30th 2014
shehram Maryam please may i know where is jubail i mean which part in saudia. And is there P.I.S english section in Jubail? Shehram
Aug 30th 2014
shehram Anytime Maryam No problem. :D Shehram
Aug 30th 2014
Ibrahim lovly nice shocking story Ibrahim
Aug 30th 2014
Laibah Welcome and aww...... this part came like almost after a MONTH! pls send next part soooon! p.s im waiting! Laibah
Aug 29th 2014
Ayesha Lovely story :> Ayesha
Aug 28th 2014
Maryam Thank you so much Fatimah, Shahram and Laibah. I will send it soon but not too soon :o) ;o Maryam
Aug 27th 2014
Laibah FINALLY! pART 6? i Just LoVe IT SOSOSOSOSO MUCH! Laibah
Aug 27th 2014
shehram COOOL Shehram
Aug 27th 2014
shehram Ooo cool Maryam Plz sikxth part sooon !!!! m waiting :P Shehram
Aug 27th 2014
Tooba Awesome. Send the next part soon plz Tooba
Aug 27th 2014

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