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Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Adler College
My Scary Dream Scares Me!!!
Published On Jul 22nd 2014
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July 2014

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As it was a good day because my there was first day of Summer Holidays of mine. As I had said to my mom that I'll not do study, Summer vacation and nothing I'll do till 2 days. First day passed very fast, and I was bored. I decided to do something on my Second day at least because First day passed being bored.
At late night I was watching television and suddenly my mother came and said to switch it off but I did not listen to her. Everyone was sleeping, I was watching Horror Movie I was scaring but then sleep
Suddenly a man with horror face and a man with a magical stick was with him. I became so much afraid. Suddenly they came nearer to me and they wanted my skull I was weeping. They were coming to do it as I open my eyes and cry and my mom came and ask for what had happened? I told her all she told me to never watch late night TV It can have many disadvantages ad it can also damage our eyes.
From that day I never watch late night TV and always listen to my mom what she said to me. I thought that it was just because I didn’t listen to her. But from that day I never became scared because I have firm faith on Allah that He will protect me.
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Comments 41
Fatima Nice Fatima
Jun 10th 2017
Aiza Wow nice one Aiza
Dec 25th 2016
Syeda Zuha You all will laugh when i tell u that my brother is in4 grade so when he watch horror stories so i said to him not to watch because he watch bravely but then even he can't be able to go to washroom alone:p Syeda Zuha
Feb 25th 2015
Ayesha It was happened with me aswell Ayesha
Jan 16th 2015
Maha Nice job i love horror movies but i watch them with my family only Maha
Jan 6th 2015
Maimoona Congrats 2 u amazing story and you are right Allah will protect Maimoona
Jan 1st 2015
Dec 27th 2014
duaa Nice story keep it up Duaa
Dec 27th 2014
Alishba junaid Ahemadani Amazingly nice story Alishba Junaid Ahemadani
Dec 15th 2014
Aden It is a wonderful story and that is right Allah will protect us Aden
Dec 1st 2014
Aden It is a wonderful story and that is right Allah will protect us Aden
Dec 1st 2014
Syeda Zuha ThanXxxxxx....Afifah!! Syeda Zuha
Nov 22nd 2014
afifah Nice! Afifah
Nov 12th 2014
Syeda Zuha Yaaa..Kashish first thanXxx n I had send u request kindly accept it!! Syeda Zuha
Nov 10th 2014
Syeda Zuha I also wanna thank Taj,Maha,Amn,Rida n Musfira for appreciating me in such a way.. Syeda Zuha
Nov 10th 2014
Syeda Zuha Thank you..All my friendZzzZzzz specially Kashish,Soha and Gullast apii n maryam...thankXxxxxxXxx all from my heart... Syeda Zuha
Nov 10th 2014
Syeda Zuha Okay fine soha cool down yourself n leave the matter of Ibrahim..Everyone has his/her opinion n I respect everyone's opinion n suggestion..Thank for taking my side!!! Syeda Zuha
Nov 9th 2014
Syeda Kashish Zehra Great job Zuha... Keep it up..!! M ur czn add me at vshine..!! :* Syeda Kashish Zehra
Nov 9th 2014
Maha Awesome story you totally deserve this gift! Maha
Oct 27th 2014
Syeda Zuha No ibrahim I had said to you that I never mind may be it was your opinion.. Syeda Zuha
Oct 21st 2014
Taj Hi Taj
Oct 11th 2014
Musfira Sultana Greatt effort! :) Musfira Sultana
Oct 1st 2014
Ibrahim Dont mind i was just joking....i like ur story....keep writing such story which should be helpful for us,,,,,thanks Ibrahim
Sep 27th 2014
ALVINA Yes u are right Alvina
Sep 26th 2014
Syeda Zuha No problem my all vshine members..I'll never mind all the peoples have their own opinion if ibrahim or anyone else had said something wrong so don't problem I wouldn't mind..You all.are my dearest♥ Syeda Zuha
Sep 24th 2014
Syeda Zuha Can you please tell me how to tell my address to the admintator of Vshine so he can send me gift..??? Syeda Zuha
Sep 22nd 2014
Rida NyC MoRal.......GuD $tory!!!keep it up!!!:) Rida
Sep 20th 2014
Amn Hi your story was amazing !!!! Amn
Sep 16th 2014
Soha Great Zuha :) And when you don't know how to appreciate, just don't open the story and keep on reading it. It's ok if it wasn't good because everyone has his/her opinions but, thinking of other's feelings, we should just try to appreciate instead of posting nasty comments which will hurt. If you don't like it just leave it and move on to some other story or whatever you were doing! It's not FARDH to post comments on every story. Ibrahim, I respect your opinion but, there was no need to post a nasty comment here. It would hurt Zuha! What if u were at Zuha's place? Just try to think of other's feelings. And, Gullasht baji is also right in some way. She's just trying to guide you. Now don't make my comment, a topic to be fought! Please! Once again Zuha, excellent work! Soha
Sep 15th 2014
Hairbeyar AOA Gullasht why are U interfere to Ibrahim he is not talking with you why are you saying that and that to Ibrahim I am baloch and Ibrahim also Hairbeyar
Sep 7th 2014
Gullasht Yes Ibrahim U would don't talked with me cause U have no wordz to say Gullasht
Sep 7th 2014
Ibrahim Gullasht i dont want to talk with u....i was just teasing,,,, Ibrahim
Sep 7th 2014
Gullasht AOA first Zuha ur story U wrote Dear!>.... is really AMAZINg nd Ibrahim what's ur problem guy??? why U alwayszZ interfere in othersZ Issues Why???? U have to appericaite Zuha for her story instead Degret her story Understand.Here!...... Vshine give's us a platform to show nd improve our skills understood Mr.Ibrahim Dasti Gullasht
Sep 6th 2014
Manahil Agreed with maryam;;;;[*_*}... Manahil
Sep 6th 2014
Ibrahim What is this?You dont know what you are writing,dear..shame shame Ibrahim
Sep 1st 2014
Tooba On this kind of story i can only say okay and fifty fifty Tooba
Aug 28th 2014
Maryam I like the moral and it is good effort :o) Maryam
Aug 26th 2014
Syeda Zuha Thanks a lot you all my vshine members.It was your support that I done very well!! Syeda Zuha
Aug 25th 2014
shehram Not Bad!!! Good effort. Shehram
Aug 25th 2014
MARYAM Good... Maryam
Aug 22nd 2014
Laibah Nice story! Laibah
Aug 22nd 2014

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