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Mohammed Toor
Mohammed Toor
Air Fight
Published On May 31st 2011
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"Agent Miftah!" shouted the air chief "yes sir" said Mitah " you have completed your training, now go out and fight for your country "ordered the chief. "OK." murmured Miftah. Miftah sat in his air craft and took runway 38. After 28 minutes Miftah shot 8 planes but this was soon going to end because there was a plane behind Miftah's plane soon his plane was shot down. Luckily Miftah pressed the eject button.
Miftah was in the middle of Africa he was panicking. Soon he started to feel thirsty. After 3 hours he found a dirty pound he quickly took out his water bottle and filled it with the dirty water. Amazingly he had two water purifying tablets. He quickly drooped one in the water. Then he heard some kind of noise he soon realized that it was a military helicopter. He was soon taken to the base.
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Comments 10
Alyina You should improve spellings Alyina
Oct 10th 2011
Wafa It is good Wafa
Aug 25th 2011
Farha Very very very very very baaaad and boring Farha
Jul 7th 2011
raiha Damn boring!! Raiha
Jun 18th 2011
Maryam Come on everybody. At least he's got a decent topic- nothing like silly old fairy tales and fantasy stories. Maryam
Jun 17th 2011
Abdur-Rahman Boringgggggggggggg Abdur-rahman
Jun 13th 2011
Ahmed Mansoor Veeeerrrryyy bboooooooooooorriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg Ahmed Mansoor
Jun 13th 2011
magisha Hate it boring Magisha
Jun 12th 2011
Maryam Actually, Fatima, it's a very commendable attempt. One of the best things about this story is that the writer has been quite innovative in his choice of a theme. Furthermore, aerial combat is something I'm crazy about, which is why I was interested in this story. Keep going, Muhammad! Maryam
Jun 5th 2011
Tooba Baaaaad Tooba
Jun 1st 2011

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