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Khaula Nauman
Khaula Nauman
Pakistan International Scool,al Jubail
Give Thanks To Allah
Published On Aug 22nd 2014
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Give thanks to Allah
 For the moon and the star
Praise in all day for
what is and what was
Take hold of your iman
Don’t give it to shaitan
Oh! You believers
Please give thanks to Allah.
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Comments 10
Fajr Omair Cheating may be fine to you but it is not fine to me. You have written/cheated a poem about Allah but you are cheating a thing HE has forbid. You will never get the praise or attention you get by writing your own stories,poems etc. if you cheat. You can not also make many friends by cheating. So take my advice and don't cheat. create your own. You are perfect the way you are. you don't have to cheat. you yourself are intelligent and if you believe you can do it then you can create by your own self. Fajr Omair
Jun 3rd 2017
khaula Thank you but cheating in good things is fine Khaula
Aug 5th 2015
Asma Please make your own poems next time. be your own and create your own cheating will never make you rise Asma
Jul 28th 2015
khaula Can anyone please tell me how to make friends??? Khaula
Jun 3rd 2015
Ayma 2 2RUE I totally think u said the right thing I Know that Allah will never give a hard time to the Muslims but sometimes we have to be patient Ayma
Dec 31st 2015
Mohammad No way he never was a muslim Mohammad
Sep 27th 2014
dayyan You cheated Micheal Jackson's Dayyan
Sep 11th 2014
Mohammad Well you have copied from zain bhikha (My favourite nasheed singer). Mohammad
Sep 7th 2014
Wajeeha Masood Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wajeeha Masood
Sep 6th 2014
Ayesha Nice .are you sister of sumaiya Ayesha
Sep 5th 2014

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